Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Understanding how this blogging business works!

We will get it right yet people.  If you enter a comment on my blog and it doen't appear at first, dont be concerned.  You are not doing anything wrong.  I have got comment moderation set up, to stop spammers.  So I get to read everything first, so that there is nothing left that may cause concern to other people.  There are so odd-bods out there, and I would hate people to leave something unsavoury or cause offence.  Especially someone I don't know.

  Be patient, and if your comments are fine and dandy, your comments will eventually show up   I am online pretty much every day  :-) So you are not doing anything wrong, it may just be a delay on my part.
So have a fantastic day and be happy....I know I am :-)


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