Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunflowers, Cupcakes and a pot of tea or coffee....anyone?

These school holidays I have been extremely lucky as I have a helper who will do the necessary cupcake runs for me.   I'm not usually into such regular decadence but I think why not?????? (and some of the pills I am on make me want to eat all the time - thank goodness the weight isn't piling on. We have found a cafe that sells beautiful large cupcakes, so whenever DH or DD go to the shops, they will bring me back an awesome cupcake. 

So I then pop on a pot of Green Emerald Chai or Black Creme Brulee Tea from T Leaf T here in Wellington.  Yum!!!! 

I have a couple of cupcake pictures to stitch up, which shouldn't take long, to add to my fascination with these little gems of sweetness.
One of my best friends, Kara, who I love so much, was down in Wellington on a meeting the other day. She caught the train from Wellington up to where I live and I was so thrilled to see her. Actually it made me cry, and I was worried about her seeing me. But Kara being Kara she saw nothing different in me. Love it.

She brought me the most perfect beautiful sunflower which just brightened my day....not that it was a sad day by any means, but because it had been drizzly and murky all day.
Sunflowers are beautiful aren't happy and bright.

Here are the latest Just Nan purchases I have made.  I am thinking of making Sunny Summer Happy Garden into a bag for my wee Ipod.  But it has the beautiful pin with it, so will have to work out a way of securing it, so   A:  I don't get scratched or   B: neither does my Ipod.
And here is an update on the quilt blocks I started the other day.  I have done all the applique on the block, and now I am blanket stitching them onto 2 cushions, which are on my sofas.  Eventually I will have a few different looking cushions to brighten up the area.  Which is always good.
You might also notice that my 50 projects list is slowly coming to an end from when I started it in 2007 (LOL).  Well I didn't follow it very well.  But it was fun to have the list in my side bar.  Always interesting to look back at what I have done, even though I do keep a dated record of everything I start and complete.  Does that surprise anyone??
Now I have a request for my visitors, readers.  Please get yourselves a GMail account or something where you can comment on my blog.  Its not much point visiting, and I don't know about it.  I have got a few emails from people saying they have been there at the blog but don't know what to do , or want to respond but can't or are unsure of what to do.  Its not hard, and I would love to know when you have passed by...because at this point I don't know.  I am not faultless and have to answer a couple of emails, myself so will get onto that this afternoon.
I am not using face book, so please don't leave messages there, I realised who my friends/people interested in my life were after I stopped using it..  If I have important news, I don't know whether you have got it or not.  This blog is important to me, and I hope my friends feel the same, but how can I know all the time.  I don't want to offend anyone over this, but it is starting to annoy me
I am sure you can understand where I am coming from, and the whole cancer thing is tough....but this blog is my link with the outside world. 
This afternoon, my plan, answer the emails and continue on with my quilt blocks before we take my baby back to boarding school tonight.  These holidays have gone fast for my little ray of sunshine, that's for sure, but its been good.  Its always an interesting drive over the Rimutaka Hills to Masterton, and in the darkness its all the more excititng (NOT!).

 Love you all and I really appreciate you coming to visit.  You are all a blessing to me :-)


Kara said...

And I loved coming to see you too. It was so good to see you smiling and laughing... to me you were unchanged. Your stitching and painting are beautiful and you do so much of it for other people. You are my inspiration. So glad I could get down there to see you. You're in my thoughts and prayers every day. Love you xxx

GenX said...

ok ok, from Merryn ; )