Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some more knitting on the list - I think....

I don't want to encourage Winter to come along, but I am encouraging different craft bits and pieces to keep the mind and body active. LOL.  But I also enjoy making for others.
A few purchases arrived actually make and to keep myself warm.
Firstly knitting.  2 things.  The first is a shawl I will make.  Just making up the style as I go.  A triangle shawl.  Something large and cosy to wrap myself in,  when it gets chilly.  Somthing I can wear out dressed up or casual with jeans.  And something in merino, mohair kid, alpaca mix that will be pretty much impractical when it comes to not picking up fluff and bits and pieces.  So everything fits the description...even the dark colours of black, purples and green.  Totally impractical.  I got a bit of this wool when I was staying in Christchuch for radiation 6 years ago.
Should work.  I am hoping it will.  Will be nice and cuddly if nothing else.

Colours of black, purple and forest green - they look different in real life.
Hard to pick up the colours. Will try to get a better pic in the future.  Outside maybe.
Another knitting purchase arrived.  This is a sock kit.  This will be interesting, because I have never knitted socks before.  There is a first time for everything.  Green and purple for these colours.  I don't stray from colour options do I!  I did struggle with the order and got it wrong, but the shop owner allowed it and charged me less.  Because of that she will get another sale.  Bless her.

Another surprise that arrived to cheer me up, was the book '20 mini cross stitch designs' by Michael Powell.  I love his quirky  designs. The small ones are so cute.  I love cute.  After talking about cupcakes the other day I am ecstatic to find a cup cake pattern in there.  Fabulous surprise.
And lastly I ordered some teas for myself from the The T Leaf T shop in Wellington.  I have gone off coffee quite a bit and I love the flavoured green and black teas.

Well thanks for visiting.  I am getting a few more 'off blog emails'   Hopefully things will start to work, and I can read some feedback and comments, which is what I want., It is actually easier to leave comments here than leaving stuff on Facebook.  before I leave this mortal coil.  That would be nice,  I look forward to it. 
 I love you all.  And I really hope you all enjoy intermingling together.There is a mix of sschool friends, work friends, best friends,  I love you all.


Adrienne Calderwood said...

just love the wool colours, looking hot. Hope you had a great day x

Kara said...

Can't wait to see the shawl. Lovely colours you've chosen. You always like purple :-) I'm planning to make myself a crocheted hat for the winter in pale (antique) pink and green. At least it's a plan in my head at the moment - if I ever get time to do it before the winter! Glad you are getting more comments now. I think you would find that people read your blog but don't post comments, for whatever reason. Some people are just not that good at keeping in touch, but that doesn't mean they aren't thinking of you. You and I are communicators and we have trouble understanding why other people might not be! Love you xx

Psychokiwi666 said...

Just want to say how I'm in awe of the beautiful crafts that you make! I haven't been able to be crafty for many years now as stitching and knitting is too hard on my hands. I struggle to even sew on buttons these days. Thanks for sharing pics of your work - very inspiring!