Saturday, May 11, 2013

Home from our wee holiday

Yes we are home from Napier and what a peaceful few days away it as too.

Napier is a lovely place.  Wouldn't rave about it, but lovely all the same.  I really love the palm trees lining the road...very Rodeo Drive.  Actually reminds me of the trees the Tui loves to climb.  Just as well we didn't take her with us. The weather was just beuatiful...awesome Autumn you might say.

We did all the touristy things...winerys, craft shops, went to the National Aquarium, where the most fantastic looking fish can be found.
This is the holiday house we stayed in...look at the sky, not a cloud.  So warm and sunny.

And look at the beautiful Hibiscus growing....Haven't seen one growing since I used to go holidaying up in the Bay of Islands.  Fantastic flowers.

We went up to Bluff Hill too look out over the Port. Lovely up there, warm and not a breath of wind.

It was nice to look out over the Port and just enjoy the day, the flowers and the weather.


I would have been interested seeing how that ship managed to get in that position on the wharf. A bit of a tight squeeze. Not a small ship and not a large space.

So many beautiful coloured flowers up there.  I liked these ones most.

Families of quails were up there fossicking around the bedding of the flowers.
We went to Mission Estate Wines.  Lovely there.  An old Monastry in a beautiful state.  I love old buildings that have been looked after.

The area looking at you as you drive in as you drive in....  very posh.

The front I guess - where you can't drive, but look out over the vineyards  I always wonder how they curtail the testing.  There was one woman staggering around.  Thats a good look :-)
The next day we went to the National Aquarium of New Zealand. 
It was awesome there with plenty of varieties of fish and sealife to look at. Some Piranha were eager to be models.
 As was a couple of Water Dragons.
Other highlights of my trip was finding beautiful cupcakes, the Silky Oak Chocolate factory and eating Tiramasu, only because I wanted to and I could.  So soft and creamy
  and delicious.  YUM!!
Lastly I had to do some shopping.  Not many shops to describe, but I managed to visit JJs Crafts and the Emporium.
I brought a sweet sewing book, with a few ideas on making things for Nadia, some trims, embroidery scissors,  a decorative hook, some wool to make my LHN Sheep Virtues, some pins, a kit to make for Nadia, some buttons and a stitching hoop.

So thats all that happened on our time away.  It was a great few days, And our pets were sure glad to see us when picked up from the boarding kennels.
Hope you all had a great few great days at you place.


Kara said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time. It was great to read about your travels! My favourite photo is the one of the flowers... nice photography! and I like the quail too. I once worked at the Aquarium for two weeks as a student researcher, so I've been behind the scenes. Marineland used to be next door too, back in the day when it was considered OK to keep dolphins in captivity in a small pool for human entertainment. I agree, Napier is a lovely place for a break and quite unlike any other city in NZ. xx

Adrienne Calderwood said...

Hyey girl, I've sent you 2 messages & they dont apepar- must be doing something wrong this end.
Off work today, off to walk Daisy, Nicole & I did a 5km Mothers day walk Sunday, phew. Misty old weather today in Hamilton, warmed up by cleaning the oven! Take care.