Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Yes a very special day for all you Mums out there.  I used to love making a fuss of my Mum.  Unfortunately I can't do that anymore, but I am hoping that those, that can, make the most of  their 'Mum' time.
On Sunday I was very spoilt.  My lovely DH gave me a lovely card, he wrote me a poem with special paper and one of his special fountain pens and gave me the Evolve Anzac Poppy Charm to add to my collection.  I am so spoilt. 
I also have some craft books coming, but unsure of what they are as yet.I can't wait to see.


Kara said...

Ohhhh... lovely. He is so thoughtful. I'm glad you have someone like him to look after you. And I love the charm bracelet - it is so "YOU". xx

Nicky said...

So glad that you were spoilt on Mothers Day, it is always nice to know we are valued. That is a sweet little charm, very pretty.