Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Happy Hens are hatched

I have been painting of late.  Another one of my passions.  This time it is Happy Hens from Portobello in Dunedin.  I brought a couple of Happy Hans in unpainted state to colour myself. Painting is really relaxing I find.  So here they are...I think theses are Pepper Shakers....they have the letter P on the front.  It was a lucky dip of what you ended up with to paint.

I think my Ipad showed the colours ok...one hen is orange and the other is a jade/teal colour.

Still busy with the All Cooped Up Quilt blocks.  They really are fun to work on.  Really enjoying it.  Bit of a chicken theme happening here I think.
Also busy stitching on the  Little Sheep Virtues Flock - another nice relaxing stitch.

Getting ourselves prepared for our little break away in Hawkes Bay/ Bay of Plenty region.  I can't wait to see all my friends around there...farming and stitching, who have contacted me.  I am kind of surprised there are a few people who have made no contact.  Thats ok...busy lives etc, or maybe its in the too hard basket to see me.....  Life is good regardless.
Have a great week everyone

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