Sunday, April 21, 2013

Slow Cooking Dinner is just awesome

Yukky miserable day and the slow cooker is my best friend, as generally  I am limited to what I can do in the kitchen these days,

Tonight we are having Coconut Chicken Curry.  It smells so good wafting from the kitchen.

Still knitting the dish clothes.  The first one I knitted isn't as big as the 2nd one, so I crocheted a band around the outside.  Onto the 3rd one now.  Then I may have enough cotton left over from the 3 balls I have to crocheted a dish cloth.

Finally, I treated myself to some Just Nan kits I have had on my ONS wishlist for ages, and in as usual good business from this company, I just waited a week and they were here.

I didnt publish a photo when they first arrived, so here is one now.

8 Point Star Garden.  Running Rabbit Charm Garden Pin,  Honey Bunny Pin Keep,
Cute Hoots Percy and Cute Hoots Ollie

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