Friday, April 26, 2013

Colour for the kitchen.

They are finished.  The dishcloths......and they are really colourful.  It as nice and relaxing knitting them, and I even found a small ball of left over plain cotton in my wool bag, that I added into the 4th (left-over balls)  dishcloth.

Last night we hit the mall in Lower Hutt to buy my daughter some much needed clothes....esp. in the underwear/socks/essentials for school department.

The bonus with the shopping it pretty much cost nothing.  I do online surveys and get rewarded with shopping vouchers.  Other than a few things on sale - cardi, jeans, tops and shoes - the rest was free.  Plus our big dept. store Farmers had a very good lingerie dept sale, so that came in handy, for adding to the bargain.

Another bonus, the mall was fairly empty.

Heres what we got - there are a couple of items that I get from BooHoo for Nadia.  Boohoo is an online UK store that offers free postage to NZ.  I hav got a few things from there to date.  The clothes a slightly different to what you may find here and not expensive....suits us.  And Nadia is very easy to shop for, not overly demanding like a few  15 yr olds we have encountered.

Finally here is photo of the lovely maple tree in our front yard.  We have watched it change colour the 6 months we have been here.  We first saw it red, then green, orangy yellow, now back to red.  Waiting for the leaf fall for this tree and the many others surrounding our street.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you are having a wonderful week so far....Think I may go grab my small
T-Pot of Emerald Green Chai and sit in my sunny window and do some stitching for a change.

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Nicky said...

Cool dishcloths, do you have a link to the pattern you use? Your shopping looks like fun, my almost 13 daughter has been having a great time shopping recently, her tastes look very similar to your Nadia :-)