Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A new project

Hello Everyone,
Once again I had a weeks rest in hospital to get my medication sorted out.  And a few tests done on the sideline.
News is good and bad.  Cancer from neck down is all controlled, cancer in brain is out of control.  We are tackling this with chemo pills which I take twice a day at home.  They have given me a life time frame, but I wont dwell on that at the moment - just say between 6 and 12 months - but that is worse case scenario, and you all know I will fight this, so it will be longer.  I am feeling so much better after a rest..  I would much rather email people than talk on the phone, because I am finding some people too depressing.  I want happiness and sunshine not doom and gloom.  :)  But every ones wishes are more than welcome.
I didn't take any craft stuff to hospital except for one small Tralala piece which I will sew up and post shortly.  Before I went into hospital my DH brought me a lovely smalls baskets to display any smalls or ornaments I get stitched before I go.  So that is giving me incentive to stitch littlies.
While away I DH brought me a lovely footstool to elevate my legs and feet while resting and stitching.
Lovely soft leather....Oooh....my cat Tui loves it too.  A bit hard to get her balance though.

DH also brought me a lariat necklace/bracelet to go with my NZ Evolve Charm collection.  I also got the bead 'Aroha' and the silver charm "Devotion' ...I have put these charms on the lariat with the silver charm 'Forever' that DH brought me last. 

I just love Evolve, and other than the small sheep charm, I have never added any other type of charm available.  I only added the sheep I got, because its cuter than the Evolve one.
Righto onto my latest project....cotton dishcloths.  Decided to get out some knitting cotton, and knit some up.  They are great, last a long time and can just be thrown in the washing machine.  Also the great thing is they take no time at all to knit up.  And a great project because the days are getting cooler.
Something to look forward to, next month, DHs employers have shouted a few nights away in Napier, to rest and relax.  I cant wait.  Funnily its one of the only places in NZ I have never been too.  I have been to Hastings but not Napier.  Hopefully there are a few stitching/quilting/craft shops someone could recommend to me.
Hope you are having a lovely day.  Look forward to comments and emails :)



Andie said...

Hey Hunni, been thinking of you! What an awesome DH you have! He sounds such a sweetie! The charms are lovely and I really like the dishcloth idea, I may have to do some myself :D *hugs*

Jennifer M. said...

Your husband really is a thoughtful sweetheart. Love the jewelry too. Enjoy knitting the dishclothes. I go in spurts of knitting those myself. They are good knitting practice for us beginners.

Enjoy your time off. Just remember...one day at a time. ;-)

Kath said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I know you will work so hard to beat this. Go You! Love all the bits your man has bought you, they are truly lovely.
Napier is lovely. Hit JJ's in Taradale, opp New World there. Great fabrics for sure. Aarons Emporium for all kinds of finishing bits and pieces, opposite McDonalds. Pop out to Pukutapu, Dartmoor Road is Patch n Quilt. Another lovely place to visit. Enjoy, look forward to hearing all about it! xx

gatofish said...

I am sorry you are still sick but am so glad you are fighting and staying positive. Your projects are darling. I like the colors you chose.
Be well!

Von said...

Keep fighting the good fight.

Adrienne Calderwood said...

great to hear you are home again. I am sorting out old photo albums these past few weekends, found ones with you in them at one of my teen birthdays! lol
Love your craft items you display u cleaver thing. Do you want me to visit u?

Nicky said...

Hi there! So sorry to have been AWOL from blogland for so long. Your great attitude is inspiring and will make all the difference to you and your family. Love the goodies your DH has bought you... and good luck to the cat who can balance on that...lol
I am behind several posts on your blog so will continue to catch up on all your craftiness there.....
Nicky x