Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tiredness overcame me

Well what can I say, tiredness got the better of me.  In between snoozes I did manage to do little bits and pieces of stitching.

I finished the stitching of LHN Little Sheep Virtues No. 1 (Hope),

And I was able to make a start on LHN Little Sheep Virtues No.2  (Love).

Not entirely sure how I will make these up....singley as little pillows, but the ultimate finishing has got me a little bit stumped.

I also sorted out some wool to knit up a few projects, and went through all my stitching stash to see what I can
start on  
continue stitching on with.

I have a few Just Nan projects I would love to starting in the not to distant future -  well they are on order from my favourite ONS.....Honey Bunny, Cute Hoots Ollie and Percy and 8 point Star Garden to name a few.   When they arrive I will post a photo.  Even the packets are so colourful.

I was such a Just Nan fan, and did Last Stitches and almost finished First Stitches.  Both are to be completely finished and made up.

My next post will be a little more productive.  Fingers crossed.


Patty C. said...

Love your LHN!

Kath said...

Gee you are further ahead than me with your Sheepie Virtues. I was thinking about you earlier wondering how you were.

Looking forward to seeing the Just Nans.....
hugs Kath

Claire said...

Great stitching.x

♥ Nia said...

Lovely stitching :)

Nicky said...

Beautiful finish! These LHN Sheep are going to be a wonderful series, looking forward to seeing your collection grow.... and wishing you a very Happy Easter.....