Sunday, February 10, 2013

The cloud has passed

Thank goodness for a breeze, because the cloud that hovered over me yesterday has passed and I am feeling so much better.
Funny how we encounter days like that.
Nadia came home yesterday, have done ok at the swimming sports, but was hot nd flustered after the hours trip on the train.  Today I gave her some money and she took herself off to Lower Hutt for a much needed hair trim.
DH went to Spotlight Craft Store, much like USA's  Joann stores in search of some gift boxes.  He collects fountain pens and found instructions to make some fountain pen storage boxes, which I will make for him - lined with felt etc.  I will show you the finished product, when I am done.  He brought home some boxes, so I will set to work on those when I am not stitching.
I have done lots of stitching today, and I have settled myself up on the front deck, where I can watch over the neighbourhood surroundings and enjoy the sights and sounds of the day.
This is where I am...

While I was at the front of the property taking these photos, I deadheaded the roses while I was there.  Now thats therapeutic.
Thanks to all my readers who have passed by today.  I hope your Sunday is going as well as mine.



Adrienne Calderwood said...

Just home from Nauti girls fishing competition in Whangamata, an annual event, and my annual fishing try! Heaps of fun out on the open seas, peace & quiet until one of the girls reels in a fish! I caught 5 baby size fish- thrown back in for next years catch!, caught a snapper & something else. Am proud of myself.
A group from here go over & stay with another friend of all of us who lives there fulltime & organises us.
U R having a crap time! This is not fair, on you, your family. Stitching & bitching is actually ok right now x

Nicky said...

Your stitching spot is gorgeous! Lovely to enjoy the sunshine.... maybe you'd like a trip south to do some more roses :-)