Monday, February 18, 2013

How I got on with the Hermit Weekend

I think I was fairly productive.  In between naps on the sofa and helping out in a simplified way in the garden, and a trip to the tip,  and browsing in my favourite on-line needlework supplies store, I managed to do quite a bit of stitching.

I continued on with The Flock all day on Saturday.  It was a lovely sunny day and almost too good to be sitting inside, but that is pretty much where I stayed on the sofa.

Here is the progress photo: (Doesn't seem all that much)

On Sunday, it was fairly overcast outside, but very warm.  I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed and made the executive decision to procrastinate as much as possible with stitching the flock, so I did everything but.

I helped DH tidy up around the garden.  THEN I started a new cross stitch design.

Its for Halloween...Black Cat by Brown House Studios.

Im not really a follower of Halloween, but I do love black cats, orange, witch and bat silhouettes and pumpkins.  I decided last year to stitch a heap of halloween inspired ornaments and brought a lovely Tawa ornament tree to hang them off.


See the wee bird on top -  that made it a must have.  Especially as the bird looks similar in shape to a kaka (one of our native parrots).
Now before I head off for another day of stitching, I will go and have a look at the blogs of some of the other peopl who signed up for IHSW weekend, and see how they got on.



Claire said...

Great progress.x

Karen said...

You've made excellent progress on The Flock! I've never been much of a Halloween stitcher either, but have seen several patterns this past year that I liked and also bought a black tree somewhat like the one you have lol.

SY said...

Do you have previous pics of the tree with the ornaments or did you just get the tree? I too love all the Halloweenie things that you mentioned and trees are always good for all things crafting. I love the lovely versions out there of the tree of life.