Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

This is a special day to remember the unique bond we share with loved ones and friends.
I had a design in mind to make up for DH which I started on, and was going great guns, but I am having radiation to my brain this week and it is knocking me round a bit, so the stitching slowed down..  So I had to change tack.
I decided on a wee black cat valentine design by LynnB, which I then mounted on red and black felt into a heart shape.  We are black cat lovers here with our wee darling Tui, so I thought the design quite fitting.

I hope you all have a lovely day, and share something special with your loved ones.
I was lucky enough to win coffee and cake in a Valentines Day competition at the cafe at my favourite bird sanctuary Zealandia/Karori Sanctuary here in Wellington. 
I had to write a 70 words or less poem about why I think the place was so special to me.  That wasnt hard....this is what I wrote...
A light of the world sits in the heart of Wellington.
A place of solitude, dedication and love.
A place that can be as busy or as quiet as you want it.
To me, I am sure it is on par with Heaven above.
If there is a calming, beautiful retreat never to be outdone,
a place to spend ones last days on earth,
Zealandia Sanctuary surely is the one.
To me thats what sums up Zealandia quite nicely...obviously someone else agreed.


Psychokiwi666 said...

What a sweet heart for a sweetheart :-). And I totally agree with your sentiments about Zealandia - such a special place.


Nicky said...

Love your little heart, and you are quite the poet! I've never been to Zealandia, but it certainly sounds lovely....