Monday, February 25, 2013

Fountain pens, travels and stitching

It seems like a while since I last posted, its only been a week.

My DH collects fountain pens and enjoys writing with them. He had found a set of instructions on the internet on how to make display/storage boxes.  We got the necessary things from Spotlight (CD gift boxes and stiff felt) and I set about making 3 boxes.

DH is very happy with them and now his pens can be kept safe and sound.

On Saturday we went for a 4WD trip up in the Akatarawa Forest Park, behind Upper Hutt up to Orange Hut with a Wellington 4WD group.  We haven't been out driving for ages, and the weather was lovely, so made for a really nice day.

I have been doing stitching on all sorts of projects - The Flock and Black Cat, here is progress update on Black Cat.

I have also made a start on LHN Little Sheep Virtues - Hope, which I will photograph when I have done a bit more.

Tonight we are off to the movies.  Its a fundraiser organised by the Wellington Police Dog Handlers Section for a fellow dog handler from Hamilton who has to raise $90,000 for surgery overseas on a brain tumour he has.  We are watching the latest Die Hard movie at a small boutique picture theatre in Upper Hutt.  Should be good.


Nicky said...

That's a great way of storing and showing off hubby's pens. How exciting, you've got underway on the Sheep Virtues, I will look forward to seeing your progress, the 2nd one out is a sweetie too....
I hope you enjoyed the movie, what a fun way to support a great cause!
Have a lovely week, Nicky x

Wendy said...

Hi Margaret, Lovely to catch up with what you are up to. Unfortunately I am not doing any stitching at the moment but have been seeing a lot of family. Your stitching is progressing well. Keep it up.

SY said...

I too like fountain pens. Have your hubby check out, their site is full of great writing pens, paper, notebooks, even luggage and purses. Great leather products, I like leather too! (Just the good kind, lol!) Also they have great sales.