Thursday, January 17, 2013

Basket of Memories

Just thought I would show you my latest finish.

Basket of Memories - Blackbird Designs
I decided to quickly stitch it up and make up in time for a friend of mine from Reefton coming up to stay the weekend.  She has always had an interest in cross stitch, and she has been spurred on by all the things I stitch....yes I have encouraged someone.
Sarah booked her tickets a couple of months ago, and I warned her a couple of weeks ago I may not be much company as I am getting knocked about harder and harder after each lot of chemo.  Last weekend I slept all weekend.  Doesn't matter she said, she wants to see me and will bring up her cross stitch to do while I am asleep :-)  Its the first one she got after she saw all my stitching I think.  Because she said not to laugh.
So I think she will like her gift.  With the pincushion I will add a pair of Embroidery Angel scissors also in blue (fav. colour)
Oh well, now after that slight detour, I will go back to my usual stitching.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Cath Kidston Bag

The other day I decided to get out the bag kit from my Cath Kidstons Sew book and make it up.

The bag came unlined, so I chose a fabric from my fat quarter stash and added my own lining. It gave the bag a bit more substance.

It was so easy to make.  I had a look at peoples reviews on how they found the instructions and making up of the bag, and lots of people grizzled because they couldn't do the Rouleaux button tab because the fabric was too thick.  I don't believe these people put enough energy into doing it, because I had no trouble...yes it took me the best part of 1/2 hour to turn the fabric, but thats the thing with getting a decent finish, you have to sometimes put in a bit of effort to get the rewards.
I enjoyed making up the bag, and look forward to making up a few of the other projects in the book.
I was hoping the bag would be big enough to carry my Ipad, but its not wide enough.  The Ipad will go in on its end though.

Went to the hospital yesterday for my 5th lot of chemo and never had it, this is because first thing in the morning I was booked in for an Xray on the top of my legs, pelvic region which has been giving me such grief lately (I had radiation there last Monday - because there is quite a bit of cancer in that region), and the Xray showed I have an acetabular fracture (hip ball and joint area) which means I have to walk around on crutches for a quite a while and rest.  Another area affected by osteoporosis (my collar bone broke 2 months ago), which is going to be an ongoing thing...I will continue to be surprised by breakages I guess. ( I have never had a broken bone in my you can imagine how difficult it is to walk around on crutches).

Oh well resting time means more stitching time!