Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Whirlwind South Island Trip Part 2

Thanks to all the people that have stopped by and left comments, I do appreciate it.
Ok so continuing on from yesterdays post, we got to the Cromwell Police holiday home and unpacked the car.  We went for a bit of a drive to have a quick look at favourite places and see if there were many changes, from last time we were there.

First we drove down the Kawarau Gorge and went to Arrowtown.  Loved this place and it would often be our shopping base when we went camping in Macetown (old historic gold mining town about 15 km inland along a very narrow dirt track). 
There was a very old historic hotel that was in the process of being demolished one year we went to Arrowtown and we were shocked, that they were removing such a beautiful old icon.  Now you wouldn't even know that it was ever there.  They have replaced the hotel with beautiful replica historic shops.  The main street is very picturesque.  Its like being able to drive down the main street of Shantytown.  Didn't get any photos here, as there weren't many places to stop and there were tour buses and tourists all over the place.

We left Arrowtown and headed up over the Crown Range Road to Cardrona.

We stopped at the Cardrona Hotel for a lemonade, and sat out the back in the beer garden.  It was a bit of a mess out there because there had been a couple of Christmas work parties that day, but I took a few photos of the area, because I just love the old buildings.

Carried on through to Wanaka.  So beautiful and so full of tourists, especially where all the pubs and eateries are...well it was dinner time!

We left Wanaka without stopping, I was starting to get all achey, so we headed back to Cromwell via Luggate and a quick stop on the outskirts of Cromwell to see where one of my favourite little critters resides. (WARNING - Yawn Alert)  The Cromwell Chafer Beetle lives in a fenced off reserve.  Not a lot is known about the larvae and no pupae has never been seen.  They are flightless and travel only a few metres each night.
So they are fair game for hedgehogs, skinks and also the Little Brown Owl that live in the surrounding pine trees.  There is apparently an Alexandra Chafer Beetle too.  It lives 30 minutes down the road.  I think that one might fly, as most of the Chafer Beetle species do.

Ok so that was the end of day 2.  Lots of driving, but also lots of just looking at some of those favourite places.


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