Monday, December 03, 2012

Whirlwind South Island Trip Part 1

Judging by the amount of views I have on my blog, people can't be bothered leaving comments.  Thanks to those that do, I appreciate it.

Because of the latest prognosis I got with the cancer coming back, my DH decided to take me on a quick 5 day trip to all my favourite places in the South Island - namely Otago.  Plus as a surprise DHs workmates paid for us to go to Stewart place I have never been to and have always wanted to go.

So that the post wont be info overload or too picture heavy, I will break the trip up into 3 parts. I wont document everything...just bits and pieces of interest.  To all the people that I know that live in the areas we went through and never visited, a big sorry, but we were on a tight schedule and there are all of DHs family scattered throughout Twizel, Timaru and Temuka that we didnt even see.

Day 1:  Early start and we caught the Airport Flyer bus to Wellington Airport to fly to Christchurch.
Because it is Hobbit mania in Wellington at the moment, the airport has some awesome models and displays.  There is this huge 'hanging from the ceiling' model of Gollum chasing fish in the main terminal.

We had plenty of time to spare so we sat at Subway, eating 6" Morrocan Lamb Subs for breakfast, watching all the business people arrive for work.

The flight south was beautiful and clear.  This is the great view of Kaikoura we had.

We got our rental car and left Christchurch pretty much immediately.  We did stop at Cookie Time and got the big bags of mini cookies...3 flavours this we got one of each.  Now these bags are the same weight as the cookies in the plastic buckets they sell at Christmas and only 1/2 the price.  So people buying the buckets are paying an extra $6.  A nice gift idea though and good for fundraising.

We headed for Oamaru and decided to turn off at Rangitata and go via Geraldine, Fairlie and Twizel.  This next picture is of Lake Pukaki just North of Twizel.  Still as beautiful as ever.

We drove round Twizel and can't get over how run down and dead it looked.  We enjoyed living there, but on reflection thought that the place never really enhanced our life in anyway.  I enjoyed the work I did there and my friends - probably only one in the village, and the rest living on surrounding stations.  And we enjoyed the landscape and the places we visited from there and all the camping we did. 

We saw no one at all on the street, and a lot of the old work houses have got very run down.  These must be rentals for the coming busy summer period.

We stopped at Omarama and that had a bit more life to it. 

We got to Oamaru and it is still as lovely as ever.  They have taken on a steam punk theme to tie in with the Victorian era and it looks a pretty cool way of recycling.  Fairly grim though some of the models.  But I took a few photos of the various models set up around the town.

The next day saw us leave the motel at Oamaru and we headed to Cromwell.  We stopped off at Moeraki Boulders where we walked further than I imagined I could handle, so it was a bit slow coming back to the car.  But it was beautiful and sunny and warm, so it didn't matter.
Went down to Palmerston and then headed inland along the 'Pig  Root'.  We stopped off at Ranfurly for lunch at the Ewes and Moos Cafe.  Even Ranfurly had more life than Twizel.
We had the most delectable burgers for lunch. Moo Burger for DH and Ewe Burger for me.  They were huge and so yummy. They kept us full for the rest of the day.

We got to the Police Holiday Home at Cromwell, unpacked the car and went for a drive.  I will  continue on with that on Post No. 2 tomorrow.


Nicky said...

Loving your pics of your trip, you've taken a very scenic route heading south so far...... glad you made it to Stewart Island, one of my favourite places to visit(My aunt used to live there, so we spent a lot of time there as kids).

Melody said...

Looks like a great trip! So glad you have the opportunity to take it.

Sandie said...

Glad you could make the trip. We visited S Island a few years ago (from England) - I have photos of the Boulders etc too. Is Otaga where the penguins are? We saw so much in our short trip I can't remember!

Wendy said...

I am enjoying reading about your trip. Sounds like it was wonderful. Can't wait for the next installment. You have certainly been to some lovely places....

demeter83 said...

Sounds like you had a great trip, enjoy!