Wednesday, December 26, 2012

One Very Happy Dog

My dog Keira is fairly intelligent, but it doesn't take much to keep her happy.  She loves chasing balls, and she has her toy ducks which she has had as a youngster.  She has never ripped these up, even when they quack.  But give her a plastic toy with a squeaker in and it gets ripped apart immediately.

I wondered how long this years present would last.  A squeaky blue fuffy chew toy that came with a bag of Beneful biscuits.  I let her rip open the present herself...and she has been happy ever since.  I saw that the ducks slept outside the kennel last night, but her new friend was with her in the kennel.

Here are some happy shots of Keira and toy, with Tui the cat wanting to play too.

Keira is left alone to enjoy her toy.....

Of course Tui the cat was wataching all this from the kennel thinking the dog was just being ridiculous... as only a cat of her standing could....

But Keira was not bothered...

It was very hot yesterday, so late afternoon before dinner we went for a drive up to the Meridian Wind Turbine that sits up above Wellington.  The sea and the harbour were as calm as anything.
And here is my lastest finished stitching.  Will post another picture when I have finally made it up into a wall hanging.

These are the Days Boxer Kit - Lizzie Kate


Wendy said...

Hi Margaret. I hope you enjoyed your christmas day. Looks like Kiera did, lol. Love the Lizzie Kate stitching. You are getting through your projects so good. did you get anymore for christmas?

Nicky said...

Lovely to see your pets enjoying Christmas too, Keira certainly got good value from her gift :-)

Your LK cross stitch is beautiful!

Kara said...

I think dogs must be sent to teach us how to enjoy the moment... not to worry about the past or the future. I love your cross stitch thought too. Both of those remind me of one of my favourite songs, Little Wonders.
The song was inspired by Rob Thomas's dog!