Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

This is the most beautiful time of the year.  I just love Christmas.  I love the decorations, the trees, the ornaments and the Christmas lights.
I believe in the spirit and the love of  Christmas.  I am not into the materialistic aspects...the hype with the shopping, the sales, (if I see another Briscoes ad on TV I will scream!!!) the mailers in the letterboxes...totally unnnecessary when so many people don't even have the money to put food on the table, without having letter boxes jammed full of temptations to buy things. The angst that goes on in the shopping carparks, because someone missed a park, left everything to the last minute and now they are in a hurry to get the rest of their shopping done, and everyone else is holding them up.
I was watching Good Morning on TV last week and some guy was promoting electronic goods.  He was waving around smartphones and Wiis for the kids, and then at the end waved a handheld game round worth $40 and said this makes the perfect stocking filler....$40 for a stocking have got to be joking.  stocking fillers for us were a few lollies, a balloon and other small bits and pices to keep the kids amused till the parents got up.
Watching the people line up at the Auckland food banks, my first thought is people want to celebrate Christmas, but if they cant afford it, then the day should be just as any other...why do they suddenly need more food, then I realised that they arent stocking up....this is a normal weekly thing they do, and it has just been highlighted because of the time of year.  Also their children know what time of the year it is and they are doing their best to allow them to celebrate as best they can.  Last year as well as food, I brought packs of ornaments and gave them to Salvation Army to hand out to people to brighten their houses.  Living in Wainuiomata last year, I saw how people were struggling ... This year I had been contemplating helping out at a food hall serving food to others, rather than myself sitting around eating.  I might actually make some enquiries and see what Nadia and I can do on Christmas day.
We don't do the big Christmas dinner at familys places.  We've been stung with that, as some of my friends might know, where gifts given have been questioned as being 2nd hand...or is this from the Warehouse???  We actually don't even get invited on the day now.  Got an invite for the 30th I think it is, because a family member is coming up from the South Island and DH has said hes working that afternoon, when in fact hes not starting till 11pm.  Plenty of time to go to dinner but we really can't be bothered with the token invite.  I miss the Christmas dinners with my Mum and Dad, but we make our day fun.  We usually have a simple meal, then go for a nice drive somewhere, and enjoy the outdoors and just being together.  Nadia is happy with that too...shes a wise soul at her age and isnt into the hype either.
I enjoy giving and never expect anything in return.  And I especially enjoy making things for people.  This is probably the first Christmas I havent done the baking of the sweets and fudges and given them out to elderly neighbours.  Don't really know our neighbours here yet.
I am hoping this wont be my last Christmas...I am going to be really positive and say 'This wont be my last Christmas'  I love Christmas way too much :-)
I wanted to wish everyone who drops by my blog a very merry christmas and safe and happy new year. 
Merry Christmas to you all and may you have a happy and safe 2013. 
May the year turn out to be everything you have wanted.
Take care and God Bless


Kara said...

Beautiful, Margaret... I really enjoy your writing and couldn't agree more with your philosophy on Christmas. Hope you have a lovely day too. Love Kara xx

Nicky said...

Merry Christmas Margaret, your take on Christmas is so refreshing, I hope you and your hubby and daughter have a lovely day together.
"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves".....