Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have created a monster...

Yesterday we went into the Saturday morning underground markets at Wellington Harbour just to have a wander round and see what sort of things people are creating these days.  Ths stalls were filled with lots of wonderful handmade crafty products. 

A lot of the things I saw, look like they have come straight out of the Mollie Makes magazines.  People have been busy with the handcrafted goods, and its great to see.

My daughter saw little monster keyrings, and I said I would buy her one, she decided she didn't like any of the fabrics used to make the monsters, and asked if I could make her one instead.    She trusted that I could replicate the little monsters sitting in front of us.

We got home, and I let her go through all my fabric stash.  Of course she picked out orange...which is the favourite colour, and last night I set to work.

Finished her wee monster today and she loves him.....or her

It is amazing how productive one can become, when you have been given an approximate time frame of life.  Not that I am overly active at the moment.  One of the things I am really missing is taking my dog for her daily walks, the mobility is supposed to return and I can't wait till it does.  But my crafting and stitching is coming along with a hiss and a roar.
I thought it awful to not be as active as normal, but the loss of sight I had was unbearable.  Thank goodness it has come back.  I am onto my 2nd week of chemo...this is to combat the cancer that has found itself into some of my organs - lungs and liver.
I think about all my stitching stash I have, and I know there is countless things that will never get started nor finished.  But I have enjoyed every single purchase.
I will continue with the stitching I have on the go now, the monthly Flock series and I will start off the monthly Virtue Sheep series too, and I will enjoy everything I stitch and finish, and my family will be left with all my projects, which I am sure they will appreciate.
Thanks for popping in to catch up on my blog :-)


Kara said...

Ooh I love the cute! I think Hannah would love one of these too. Thanks for inspiring me.

Dani - tkdchick said...

That monster is cute!