Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deja Vu thats not straight forward

Yes, thats how it is feeling.  I was told with this chemo treatment, that my hair would thin a bit.  Ok, so I am prepared for all of this having 'been there and done that' 6 years ago. 
Last week everytime I brushed my hair, more and more chunks of it were coming out, I was sick of it falling out all over the place, so the decision was made to shave off my hair again...just like last time.
Doesn't look too bad, I can cope with it, and this time I am not going to get a wig.  So I go to my old wooden chest that I had all my bandanas in, and there is not one to be found.  I had about 25 of them, all different colours...I was given a lot.  I gave a bag full to the cancer society, and thought I had kept a couple.  But oh no,  my thinking was obviously, "I am never going to need a bandana again, lets give them all away".
I found a green one that belongs to my DH.  I can have that one he says...yippee, I have one in my fav colour.  But because I am a lover of many colours and options, I think just one, even if it is my favourite colour will be really boring for me.  Action was needed, so yesterday I got the sewing machne out and I hemmed up some squares of fabric from my fabric stash and made my own bandanas.  These should keep me going for a while. 

The yellow one is lovely and bright...really bright...but thats a good thing isn't it?

I have made These Are The Days into a small wall hanging.  Didn't take too long to make up...I like things like that.


Wendy said...

Happy New Year Margaret. Your stitchery looks lovely as a wall hanger. Love the bandannas

Nicky said...

Necessity is the mother of invention :-) ...... your bandannas look great, lovely and bright. I love the new Lizzie Kate finish, very pretty!