Thursday, November 15, 2012

Animal rescue and saving Tui the cat

I mentioned in my last post that there was an incident I wanted to tell you about which included a cat and a very large tree.  Well here goes.

The animal in question:  TUI

When we moved to our new house, we did all the right things, put Tui into a cattery for a week so she wouldn't be stressed by general packing up and moving.  She enjoyed her time there with a heated bed and all the luxuries fitting for the little madam.
After a week we brought her home, and kept her shut inside for almost another week.  It must have been torture for her as our new property is full of trees and abundant bird life, so she would spend her days on the windowsill peering out the windows.  Bad timing - it was Guy Fawkes season.  During this time I was in and of hospital too.
Tui was finally released and would explore around the property and neighbours yards and would always come in at night.  Then one Saturday she never came back...of course this was the night of the most fireworks.  I was so worried, I hate fireworks and believe they should be banned to the general public and should only be for exhibitions or public displays.  Tui was also my comfort when I was in pain and would cuddle up with me on the bed.
Everyday we would go for walks looking for Tui...I advertised on several online sites.  Then one day we walked past a house up the road with a huge Phoenix Palm in the front yard and heard a meow.  It was Tui.  We called the firebrigade who came and had a go at extracting her, but she wasn't having that, and went to the furtherest area in the tree from the fireman.  We had to come up with another plan.
Next day we rang Wellington SPCA Animal Rescue.  They are a voluntary organisation that played a large part in the rescuing of animals after the Christchurch earthquake.  They said they would be out lalter that day with a cherry picker and rescue Tui.  Phoenix Palms are a veritable smorgasboard of food for cats as they harbour birds and rats.  A couple of times we would see birds fly in to where Tui was.  Animal Rescue are used to these trees.
Here are some photos:
The lovely Sam - Tuis rescuer

Tui back on the ground with her best friend Keira...they missed each other.

I really appreciated the effort that Sam and Blair went to.  They do a brilliant job.  All the neighbours were fascinated, and the cameras were clicking away.  Thank Wellington SPCA Animal guys rock.


-girl from the bush said...

Hi, so glad you found your cat! Mine did that one day but he ran up a cabbage tree way over the rd in the bush and was gone for 2 days till we heard this 'meooow' in the wind ,but it sounded so close.He never did that again. I hope your health improves soon for you and your family too. sue~nz

MandaBurms said...

Oh what an amazing story re Tui. I'm glad you got her back even if it meant a cherry picker.
Love Leanne