Saturday, March 24, 2012

New project for the year

I couldnt resist the new design by Sam Sarah Design Studio...The Flock...which is divided into 12 parts - each part being released monthly.

I have already brought the fabric and part one

The fabric is WDW Red Pear 30 ct linen.  The colour makes a nice change to what I normally stitch on.

I made up a small felt pin cushion for a friends birthday....It came as a kit and I finished it up in a couple of hours.

My friend really liked it...a nice surprise for her.

I have just found a tea shop in Wellington...T Leaf...which sells the most delicious blends of tea.  All types of tea are, white, green and oolong.   My little infuser tea pot is going to get a hammering.  Today I brought Creme Brulee and Emerald Chai.  I was given the Christmas tea a while back, and I love it.  It was great standing in the shop being able to taste test. 

I have almost finished Strong and Beautiful by LHN which I will be able to show you soon.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012 March Update

Where has the time gone.  My update for this month is not very inspirational....I really haven't spent much time stitching.  I have however added a few more black stitches to HAED Heart on Her Sleeve.

I guess a little bit is better than nothing.  Hopefully now with the colder weather I will be able to knuckle down and stitch a bit more...especially when it is quiet at work.

I have really enjoyed looking at everyone elses updates on their WIPocalypses.  If you go to my previous post you will see how I finished Ewe Smitten.

Thanks for visiting.