Saturday, January 07, 2012

WIPocalypse 2012

I have joined up for the WIPocalypse 2012...just waiting to get my name on the list.  Basically it is a fun way to bring some WIPs out of the shadows and work on them.  And post the progress on a monthly basis.  Everyone who does this, goes into a draw for a reward at the end of it.  Sounds good to me.
These are the 6 I have selected.....

Above the Clouds
Daisy Lane Cottage
Ewe Smitten
Heart on her Sleeve
Maxs Moon
Pukeko Sunset

I have listed the 6 WIPs on my sidebar and I have added photos of where I am up too on each of them (from how they are now).  If I get to finish any of them, then I will cross them off the list.  There is also a list underneath of the date each month to post the photos of any stitching done to these projects - the dates are based on the full moons.  Apparently there is no pressure to actually finish any of the is all fairly relaxed and you can stitch as much or as little as you like.

If I can get a couple of these finished this year I will be happy.

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Measi said...

You're on the list! Thanks for joining the WIPocalypse this year. :) Looking forward to your progress posts!