Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The New Year

Happy New Year to everyone...I hope that 2012 treats you all well.

I started my new job before Christmas and was there a week and then it was holiday time!

Since I have a couple of weeks off work over the Christmas New Year period, I have been busy tidying my craft cabinets....its amazing what is found when this is done...i.e.  patterns, kits and fabric I had forgotten I brought.

I also managed a finish before the end of last year....

Cherry Hill by Country Cottage Needleworks

With this design I left out the boarder, for 2 reasons, I felt it looked too busy and also I hadn't left enough room when I cut the linen.
I have yet to decide how I will frame this...I am planning a fabric frame and hang it from a decorative metal hanger.  Just have to work out how to sew it now.

I am planning on giving this to my daughter to take with her to boarding school to decorate her room.  This was another major decision I made before Christmas as the school she has been at since we moved here, has been totally useless and her grades have fallen, and we didn't know till we got her report in the mail after the school had closed.  No one at the school had ever contacted me during the school term to say there was a problem.  I was livid.

The boarding school isnt too far away, and she will come home every weekend by train...everyone is happy with that.  The school has a fantastic reputation and I know she will do well.

So I will post another photo when I have made the frame and it is already to accompany my daughter on her journey.

I have also been sewing.....ort catchers. 

The round one matches the Susa Glenn Flying Chicken Pin Cushion & Tool Caddy I made last year, so will be for use with my sewing machine.

And the triangle shaped ones, well they sort of bred - as it was only supposed to be one ort catcher, but for some reason I misread the instructions and cut out 3 lots of fabric rather than the one lot called for.  I chose the poppy buttons for the original catcher, and had to find matching buttons for the other 2.

Both ort catcher patterns were quick and easy to make.

Lastly here is a photo of Tui lying in the shade during a very hot summery day.  As you can see she is squashed in beside some baby shrubs I am growing.  Isnt it funny where cats like to lie.

I guess it would be rude not to include a photo of Keira in this here she is...

And just as I went to publish this post....the postie arrived with this that I had ordered just before Christmas.  This design is beautiful, I can't wait to stitch it and it will also be for my daughter for her room while she is away....maybe as a mid-term gift.

Right, I am off to take Keira for a walk in the lovely sunshine...have a great day everyone.


Jennifer M. said...

Cute Ort catchers! I love them. I really like that CCN pattern you stitched. I look forward to seeing how you finish it.


leeni1176 said...

LOVE the ort cute !!!!