Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A New Job, The Final Ornament and The Christmas Tree

Christmas is almost here....the year has just flown...2 more weeks till the big day.  Its all very evident by the mad panic being displayed by shoppers in the malls and drivers on the road and in carparks.

I have had an excellent couple of weeks, always job hunting and applying for something new, I got a call out of the blue one day from Fuji Xerox offering me full time work doing what I had been doing in Greymouth.  No interview or anything, just a couple of meetings to see the workplace (Army Defence Base) and after I said yes,  in at headoffice (in Wellington) to sign on the dotted line.  Before I said yes, they were going to get back to me with a salary figure.  I love the work, but I had to weigh up my travel which would be about 25 minutes.  Well I got an email early the next day (at work, via my phone - squinting at my phone screen)...I couldnt believe the amount....I was ready to say yes.  I couldnt wait for work to finish so I could get home and write out a proper email.  Turned on computer and here is another....bigger....offer.  WOW!!!!  Seems with my experience with the high tech machinery I used in Greymouth and the fact that I could get security clearance so easily seemed to weigh heavily in my favour.

I start on for a week, then have almost 3 weeks off for Christmas before going back.  I am excited.  The equipment I will be using is older than what I had at Greymouth, but its great, I can't wait.  Its funny how I mucked around with jobs, and kept being told that it was ok, it would take a while to find something I liked again.

Where I am working now are sad to see me go, because I did all their posters and displays, and I did enjoy being there, but this new position will see me at a better advantage in the future :)

Now onto Christmasy things.  Here is the final ornament I am stitching for this year.

Blackwork Angel - The Prairie Schooler
The tree is up, the decorations are out and the lights are up around the house, much to the amusement of our neighbours.  Obviously the house decorating was more popular in Greymouth than in our neighbourhood - but you never know we might just be getting in early and could prompt others to follow.  I took a large box of older ornaments and tinsel to the Salvation Army which was greeted with joy.

Here is the tree in all its glory

Finally here is a photo of Tui and Keira....I think Keira is worried that Tui will remove the ball from her mouth....Nothing would surprise me,  after the assault the ornaments on the  Christmas tree receives every night.


Katrina said...

Hi Margaret, congratulations on your new job, well done, it sounds just perfect for you :) Your tree looks beautiful too and I love the photo of Keira and Tui.Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your holidays (lots of stitching time I hope!)

Wendy said...

So pleased to hear that life is treating you. congrats on the new job. Happy stitching. And merry christmas to you all.

leeni1176 said...

Your tree looks fantastic....and love your dog and cute..