Friday, November 25, 2011

Another cutie to share

Heres another ornament that I finished in a couple of nights...the needles were flying.
 Just a Quickie - Peace - Amy Bruecken Designs

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Finally...heres last years Christmas Ornaments

Hard to believe....finally I have finished the ornaments for Christmas 2010.  Once I got the sewing machine out and got into the swing of things, the finishing took no time at all.

Feel the Magic - Midsummer Nights Dreams

 Wisemen Came - Shepherd's Bush

 Christmas Jewels - Elizabeth Designs

Santas Buddies - Angel Stitchin

I feel on a bit of a roll now...I set aside time every night to do some stitching.  And its great because I look forward to it....I don't see it as a chore or something I must get around to doing, at some stage during the evening.

The weather here is shocking at the moment....very strong winds on Monday and today.  And my friends in Greymouth had flooding again, but thank goodness the height extensions on the flood wall, stopped the town flooding.  When you see pictures of the Grey river up higher than the road, you realise what an awesome engineering feat that flood wall is.

And then there was the 1 year memorial to the Pike River 29 Miners last weekend, may they rest in peace, but may they also be brought out of the mine where they still lie.  A year has gone fast - its seems like only yesterday that news of the explosion circulated around the town....I think time stood still!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All ready for the tree!

Here they Christmas ornaments for 2011....I am only saying that because I still have to sew up the ornaments for last year.

I chose 4 designs from Tis the Season by Natalie Bird, reduced the design size, stitched them with DMC 75 and backed them with red felt.  Kind of cute really.

Please ignore the wonky lines..the wee stitched border lines are not as wobbly as what the photo shows...don't know what happened there.

And there are 4 ornaments....I have just put the ribbons of the bottom 2 under the top 2.  It sort of makes them look 2 tiered.

More updates soon :)