Sunday, October 30, 2011

A lapse in time????

I can't believe it has been so long since I I havent fallen off the ends of the earth, I just havent posted.  I have lots of stitchy updates which I will post over the next couple of weeks...fingers crossed.

What have I been up to???  Well theres the stitching, looking for work, getting another job and absolutely hating it, getting despondant about it, leaving and looking again.  I can get the work ok, I just cant gel into anything.

I wanted somewhere that would allow me hours to work, but also plenty of time off to go do my photography and conservation ventures.  So I went to a local business and spoke to them and they employed me.  The only full day I work is Monday and the rest of the time it is half days with 2 full days off :)  Its varied work with design and printing of advertising, stock control and pricing.  I am happy and I can pay the bills, and its very close to home.

I have been stitching on my HAED, and Christmas ornaments, and another small CCN.  I wont show you the ornaments until they are all finished.

But till then, here are some of my NZ Native photos for you to look at,  These are all taken at Karori Wildlife Sanctuary where I spend a lot of my time these days.....

One of many Tuatara that I photographed one day not that long ago...the day had warmed up and they all came out to bask in the warmth.

Tuatara by stitchcat1

 A cheeky kaka having a drink
Kaka by stitchcat1

A Scaup or Papango

New Zealand Scaup/Papango by stitchcat1

A fledgling NZ Falcon or Karearea
Falcon fledgling/Karearea by stitchcat1

A Tui
Tui by stitchcat1

A North Island Robin or Toutouwai

North Island Robin/Toutouwai by stitchcat1

The 2 resident Takahe....T2 and Puffin

T2 and puffin at the feeding station by stitchcat1

One of our kiwis was released into the wild a month ago (which brings the number to 49 with transmitters on that we are monitoring), she has been named Anna, and I was asked to do the photos of the day, so here is a cute close up of her....

Latest kiwi for release by stitchcat1

Sorry there are no stitching photos....I hope you enjoy these ones instead :)


Kath said...

Good to see you post M, and glad the new job is panning out. Loved the wildlilfe photos, and Anna the kiwi.... I must show her!

Farm Girl said...

I love your wonderful wildlife pics, amazing! Great to catch up on your news too .....

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love all the photos but my favourites are the papango and the robin - just beautiful.

Wendy said...

Lovely to catch up with what you are up to. sounds like life is going in the right direction again.