Sunday, August 14, 2011


That sums up life at the moment.  A change or 2 is in place.

Firstly I am leaving my new job...better now than later.  Yes the hours are good and the holidays off are good but I am so bored, and the job isnt even a challenge.   So I leave in a couple of weeks and now I am looking for a new job, but I will go and work at DHs work (the original plan for when I first moved here) until I find something else.

I came to this decision during the last school holidays 2 weeks ago.  I am quite relaxed about it all...what will be, will be lol.

During the school holidays, I did a lot of walking around in the Rimutaka State Forest with my dog, it was relaxing and enjoyable - and where I did a lot of my thinking.

Here is Keira waiting for me while I jumped out and took a few photos as I was leaving the park - she is so patient with me.
IMG_9311 - Copy

It is really beautiful in there, and it is where the kiwis are. (Not the area I walked around in with my dog).  As I mentioned in an earlier post I am helping with the Kiwi Project, run in conjunction with DOC.  I maintain the database, and had the opportunity to go and watch some health checks being performed on kiwis in the park - during the holidays -  but I had another appointment on that day.  I will get to go soon though, which is something I am looking forward too.  I will also get to learn about the transmitters, that are attached to the kiwis, and help us to know what the kiwis are getting up to, where they are in the park and other useful information.


The Kereru or native wood pigeon is a large bird that always seems to be eating. There are lots of them in the area, especially by the carpark and barbeque areas. 

Kereru x 2

I have no stitching progress to show - I know I have been slack, but I had new lens put in my glasses, so really couldnt see very well for a while.

Till next time, thanks for visiting........


Farm Girl said...

Good luck with the job hunting, you have to go with your heart when you know it's not for you. Hope you have a great day with the kiwi when you get to go!

PS - love that number plate. lol

Mrs Dibble said...

Go while the going is good I say, as regards the job. I saw some of those wood pigeons when my son and I were in NZ...they are huge and gorgeous. Good luck with the Kiwis