Sunday, July 10, 2011


Well thats what seems to be the theme of the weekend.  Here is one chilled out cat - probably exhausted after racing around out in the wind. Its very windy here today - just what a little kitty likes - leaves blowing aound at a 100 miles an hour.

 I have been taking Ewe Smitten to work to stitch on in my lunch hour.  It is slowly coming along.

I have finished the gridding for Heart on Her Sleeve, so I am going to put in the first stitch tonight.  It will be interesting to see how long this project takes me.

Tui is awake again....

And because I am the master of posting unrecognisable photos on my blog, here is a photo of a seal I took last weekend when it was stormy.  This is at Red Rocks which is south of Wellington.  Not a very clear photo -  you may have to click on it to get a better viewing.  But I think this seal looks like an oversized hedgehog.

To show the state of the weather on this day, here are a couple of shots of the Bluebridge Ferry coming in to the harbour from the South Island.  Glad it wasnt like this when we came up to Wellington.

It probably wasnt that bad on the ship...and was probably quite calm where the ship was...yeah right! LOL.

And just before I go, here are a couple of seal photos I took 3 weeks ago at Turakerai Head where there is another seal colony...a much calmer and sunnier day.  Both these places (Red Rocks and Turakerai) are seal hauls which is another name for a place where male seals go over the winter to lie around and fatten up.  At Turakerai up to 600 seals can be found lying about.  We had to climb over rocks to get close to a couple.  (At Red Rocks they lie quite close to the gravel track).

I have joined the Rimutaka State Forest Trust, and working with my friend from DOC I will be learning the ropes of kiwi conservation.  Where around 50 kiwis are regularly monitored in the surrounding forest park around Wainuiomata.  I have missed working with birds after leaving Twizel so this will be a great experience for me.

Till next post, happy stitching everyone.


Mrs Dibble said...

You must have got the winds from us here in Sydney...they caused quite a lot of damage in the Blue Mountains...hope things are well with you.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your little work wip is coming along nicely. Is your new start one of those super big BAPs?

Lovely photos!

HomeSweetHome said...

Tui is gorgeous!!! So sorry to hear about Chubby. Also I'm really sorry that I've been so slow with writing to you, things have been crazy here with losing my job & setting up my business. Haven't forgotten about you & planning a letter writing session tomorrow!Including sending some photo's. WOW....the storm looks fierce!!! Great photo's
Take Care Natalie xx

Anne S said...

Sounds like you're really settling into life up north and things are going well for you :D Love little Tui, she's just gorgeous! And it's so nice that you got to meet Katrina and Kath, two absolutely wonderful ladies. I still need to organise a trip over to the motherland again and arrange a stitching weekend with the gals - I was going to organise it earlier this year but then Mum decided to come here instead for a holiday ... maybe closer to Christmas, though, I could swing another week or so ... which of course means that we just may finally get to meet up! :D

Mrs A said...

just popped over from Heidi's great photos, good luck with the project, your cats look great even whiskerless!