Friday, July 01, 2011

A finish and something new in the pipeline

Isn't awful when you have completed stitching as a gift, finished it the way you want, and after you've put it in the post, you go to upload the photo onto your blog only to find you have left something out of the picture.  What a numbskull....who would do that?  Um, well me....LOL how embarrasing.  Surely I am not the only person who has done that.  I havent got any excuse.  I have had the stitching finished for ages, and showed it to plenty of people, and still not picked up the missing stitches.

Here it is.....Friends by Vals Stitching Stuff.....minus the whiskers :)  Doesn't really look too bad whiskerless...but how on earth could I have forgotten the whiskers?

Right moving on.......

I have set myself a challenge.  My daughter was watching over my shoulder one day when I was looking through the designs on the Heaven and Earth website.  She was ooohing and aahhhing over various ones I was looking at.  A few years ago I had stitched Cottage Garden Fairy by Mirabillia for her, and it hangs on her bedroom wall.  Feeling generous I asked if she would like me to stitch a HAED for her.  It had to be a quick stitch mind.  I said she could choose a design and I would stitch it for her.  Adding it could take a few years to complete.

I left her to it, and a while later came back and she had narrowed the choice to 16.  This was going to take forever...I helped her to decide and 1/2 hour later we were down to 5.  Finally she chose the design she wants, I paid online and had it downloaded within a few minutes.

She has chosen...Heart on her Sleeve.

I have brought some extra black thread in preparation to begin.  It takes 5 skeins.  I think I might do all the black outlines first.  Because I like to take the easy way out, I have chosen 18 count aida to stitch it on.  And I have start to grid the fabric to keep some semblance of order about the whole ordeal.

Excuse the ridiculous photo - It is intended to show the grid lines - you have to click on the photo to actually see them.

Wish me luck with this - I am going to need it.  I have joined the HAED forum to assist me along the way.


demeter83 said...

Have you ever stitched a HAED before? Don't let them intimidate you, they're loads of fun!
I was a bit nevous when I stitched my first one, but you'll love it!
And aww, poor little whiskerless kitties, but they look really cute all the same!

Bev said...

you will love stitching haed, and hannah lynn charts are wonderful, and like kim says they are fun and very addictive, i have loads on the go now, and we are a friendly bunch on the forum.
p.s i would have not known that there was something missing from your picture

had to log in on my old blog too as it wouldnt let me comment otherwise

Kath said...

Oh you heartless woman! No whickers on your kitties!!!! I remember when Anna cut one of our cats whiskers off as a toddler, one one side though. Only recently did she admit it though! Good luck with the HAED design, will follow that progress.

Wendy said...

Looking forward to your progress with your haed design. Look out for my friend Jan on the haed forum. She has stitched lots of these and is quite an expert. You may inspire me to do some more on me.

Mrs Dibble said...

Being a bit of a HAED addict myself I am amazed at your daughter's restraint to narrow it down to only 16 on the first round....congratulations to her. The world of HAED is very supportive and encouraging though, and I would recommend doing all the black first...then you have the framework. Happy stitching

Anne S said...

Hehehe you're a braver woman than I taking on a HAED ;) Really, though, it's no different than anything else, just a little bit larger ... and I think you're very smart to do it on aida! Have to admit I didn't realise what was missing on the kitties unless you said the word "whiskers" ... perhaps they've just had a kitty brazilian but stopped at the whiskers :P