Sunday, July 24, 2011

A chicken was hatched

My Friday night sew in was an eventful evening...see what can be achieved with no social son thinks this is sad :)

Anyhow I made up my Susa Glenn Flying Chicken Pin Cushion & Tool Caddy. I have had this kit for quite a while and when I saw my friend Kaths finished chickens, it prompted me into action.

Kind of looks cute really.  I think the beak should be flatter, but as I had no starch to flatten the beak, my chicken will sport a duck beak.  She is going to be a companion for my sewing machine....when I am busy using the machine, I generally have no where to put the pins quickly and they end up scattered all over the table.  So my chicken is the solution.  As well as holding the overly used stitch unpicker and small scissors.

Here is my first progress photo of HohS....not much to show but a small start is better than no start.  I decided to stitch all the black first, and then it will be fun to fill in the rest of the picture with the other beautiful colours.

I am looking outside my window and can see this.......

Keira is waiting for a walk, and even though it is wet and miserable, I will put on my gumboots and take her for a long walk along some of the greenways, where she can kick up her heels, jump in the stream and use up some of her energy.

I have had the last week off - and have another week to go.  I have all the school holidays off - the bonus with working at a school, so its quite nice to recharge the batteries every 10 weeks or so.


Kath said...

Love your chooky Margaret, arent they fun to make up. That feet beeding is a bit tricky though. Hope you are doing well. Bitter up here today, fire on though and all good.

Karen said...

Adorable chicken! The little scissor pocket in the wing is so cute! I hope you enjoy your walk with Keira! :)

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I love your chicken, it's very cute and useful too.