Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Introducing Tui

After losing my beautiful Chubby we went for a visit to the Wellington SPCA to see what cats they had there.  We saw alsorts of cats, and as lovely as they all were, nothing really took my fancy.  They allowed me into an area that was closed off to the public because of a threat of ringworm in a group of cats.  Thats where I saw her.  A small black 3 year old cat that had been a mother and was now looking for a home.  She came up to me and wouldnt leave.  I had brought my cat cage and when that was brought into the area, she jumped straight in.

I have named her Tui....because she is black with some white tufts under her chin, just like the New Zealand native bird - the Tui.

She has only just started venturing outside...and likes exploring in the garden.  She snuggles up with me in bed at night - sleeping really close.  She enjoys having kitten attacks with her toys and she has the cutest little squeak for a meow.

And there has been no sign of ringworm on her :)

Keira is going through a bit of a jealous stage, just like she did when Chubby arrived.  She will settle down though.  Tui is not so keen on her new doggy sister, and has already swatted Keira on the nose.

Here is an updated photo of Daisy Lane cottage.  Haven't got too far on that...I have a few other things that I am working on and will show photos when I take a few in better light.

At the weekend I spent a fantastic day visiting with some wonderful stitching ladies.  Some of whom I have known for several years online but have only just met.  Kath, Katrina and Wendy have been in my yahoo stitching group for many years and their friends Clare and Rosie were there too.  It was so neat to be able to spend a day with such genuine people who all inspired me with their beautiful stiching.


Nicola said...

Daisy Lane Cottage is looking lovely. I've got that one in my stash, really must get it stitched.

Farm Girl said...

Your Tui is gorgeous, I love that top photo, so cute!
Daisy Lane Cottage is looking great, and it's so nice to hear you've met up with some lovely blogging/stitching friends.

natalyK said...

Welcome Tui! I am so happy she has found her forever home. It is always best to let a cat choose you then you know it is a purrfect match. Enjoy your new baby girl.

Wendy said...

It was lovely to meet you too and stitch with another addict. It is so inspiring to see each others projects.

Outi said...

She's BEAUTIFUL! (Reminds a lot of my late Seiichi, who was a tomcat tho', but completely black and simply gorgeous.)

- Outi (http://snowprincipessa.livejournal.com/)

Katrina said...

Hi Margaret, Tui is such a beautiful cat, I hope she brings you alot of joy :) Loved seeing your scenery pics today, its sunny here too but bitterly cold. At least the sun is out! LOL
Have a great weekend.