Friday, April 08, 2011

The rest of the stash and 2 lots of good news

As promised here is another order of stash I got.
In this lot there are 2 Blue Ribbon Designs charts - Black Cats and Flying Bats, and Halloween with a Y,  also there is I love my Garden by Mosey & Me and finally Love is by Shepherds Bush.

We have found a house for when we move up north.  That certainly takes the stress level down a bit.  It was starting to get really stressful, because DH comes back next week to help me with the final clean up here before the packers come in.  Thats the first bit of good news.

I have 2 weeks of work left.  Not looking forward to leaving.  The time has gone so quick, and I love my job.  But it is time to upskill so I am ready for the challenge.

The 2nd bit of good news is that I went and saw my oncologist for the last time before I move, and he gave me the are officially cured of cancer.  I have got up to the 5 year mark...Yippeee!!!! Very happy with that milestone.  Those of you who have followed my blog over the years would have read when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  But its all good now...I am so happy :)


Rowyn said...

Nice stash Margaret! I hope you manage to find some stitching time in the midst of your move to the 'big smoke' lol.

And HUGE congratulations on being cancer free! My Mum was diagnosed in 2008, and she is going great guns too.

Lee said...

Great to hear your news and that you have beaten the Cancer.
where up North are you heading to?

Sheila said...

What lovey stash...and such wonderful news. Good luck and happiness with your move.

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah for you!

Von said...

Great news from the doc!! Woo hoo!! :)

Karen said...

Great news from the oncologist! I hope your move goes smoothly!

Farm Girl said...

Fabulous news - Good health and a new home! Not to mention the lovely stash too! Good luck for the move.

Robin said...

Great stash haul! Once you are moved and settled, I bet you will be anxious to stitch something for your new home.

Wonderful news about about your health! Congrats on reaching this milestone!

Sending wishes your way for a smooth move to your new home!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! Congratulations on being 5yrs cancer free! Those words from your Dr. must of lifted a huge weight off of your shoulders!

What fantastic stash!

Rhona said...

Love your new stash, but your news is better than all the stash in the world! Wishing you continued good health.

Always smiling said...


I blog hopped and found you!

What fantastic wonderful news to hear that you have beaten the big 'C' I was so happy to read that as a young Mum in my church has just had her first op and is is starting her chemo.

Enjoy your new home in N Island.. I hope that you will be very happy there and work is good too.

Love all that stash too, I have pulled back and can honestly say that I have less than 10 charts waiting for my needle. But I expect if I see something I really like I will weaken!
Ah well I am only human LOL
Prayers for you and your family coming your way and I shall pop back to see how it all goes for you.
Hugs Chris x