Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little bit of this and that

I thought I would show my stitching progress for this year and for the end of last year. You will be shocked to see unmade Christmas ornaments for last year, but its all good, and when I am settled into a house again, I will make them up. This weekend I have moved back to my house with my DH. On Monday he travels up north to start work. He will also task himself with finding us a house. My job prospects are all sorted...thank goodness...and I will work in the same station as DH, getting trained up in various areas, so I can be a full time reliever. As I am already an employee, with the vetting work, the transition will be easier.

At the moment I am sorting through all my belongings in preparation to moving up north, and giving away a lot of excess household items to the Salvation Army, (we had almost 2 of everything while I was moved out) so that they can then pass them onto the homeless and possessionless people of Christchurch that have migrated over here after the earthquake.

So here are some photos to show of stitching.......

Just by seeing these, makes me want to get into my stitching...but there is always tomorrow :)


Karen said...

I have a few unmade Christmas ornaments too. Hopefully I'll get to them before next Christmas!

Good luck with your move!

Farm Girl said...

All the best to your DH for the house hunting - I hope he finds the perfect home for your family. Your stitching is lovely, I really love the sheep one of course!

Rowyn said...

Lots of lovely stitching there Margaret!

Good luck with all the moving preparations.