Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some stash to show

This arrived in the mail this morning - I just felt I needed some more stash to make me feel better about moving :)  Once again I was impressed with the speedy service of The Silver Needle.

In my order is Together - BURrow from Bent Creek and Tiny Garden Scissor Fob from Shepherds Bush. Plus a Drawn Thread Freebie design and mini jellybeans.

And here is another lot that arrived a wee while ago, but I forgot to take a photo.....

There is Scatter Sunshine and Scatter Kindness + buttons for each from Shepherds Bush, Merry Little Bird from Lizzie kate and Tidal River Parts 1, 2 & 3 from By the Bay Needleart.

I also have some stash coming from 123 stitch which shouldn't be too far away...I will show that to you when it arrives.

I have made some headway on my latest new start.  Not a lot to show but haven't had time for stitching - just trying to sort out all our household bits and pieces, so that we are not moving stuff we dont really need or want anymore.
Thats all for today :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Close up to the wildlife

I thought I would share some photos I took at the beginning of the year because I know there are a few animal lovers who follow my blog.

At the end of January we all went on holiday down to Dunedin.  We did a bit of driving around and took a trip out to Aramoana.  This beach is known for all the sealions that laze around soaking up the sun.  Sometime the beach can get quite crowded with them, and there are signs up all over the place warning people not to go too close.  Watch from a distance and just let the Sealions do their thing.

Well imagine our surprise when we decided to park up under a tree and we saw this not far away. I couldnt work out what it was at first...

and then it clicked....

Look at the wee fella sitting there with Mumma lolling around on the grass behind.  I jumped out of the truck and started taking photos. They just kept looking cuter and cuter....

Mumma must have smelt me standing there and got up, and started slowly ambling towards me....well not that slowly, because DH was backing back by this time yelling at me to get into the truck.  So away from our nice grassy resting spot we drove and got back out onto the road.  Next minute we are being followed.....
Look at the little darling following Mumma.  She is still coming at me ...oh yes I had got out of the truck again.  But after a while of her getting closer, I knew it was time to go....when she let out a roar.....

She kept following until we finally drove away.  It was so lovely to see them up close like that.  And I guess just being parked where we were, we disturbed them enjoying time together in the grass.

 I hoped you enjoyed these photos.  I will have another stitching update for you soon.  Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A snippet of something new

Here is a sneak preview of something I started to stitch last night.  Just a little something for a friend.

Heres a bit of a hint of what I have based this picture on.  Heres a picture of Chubby relaxing in his hammock....which was in fact the sail shade cover over the barbeque area of the house I lived in for a short time just recently.  He looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
Until it comes to Keira.... Heres another chocolate box/butter wouldn't melt photo.......
As part of our walk along the beach track by my house, we go past the area where the local roading company pile up all their sand and gravel.   Keira enjoys sitting on the top of the sand hills and I throw her ball to her and she either rolls it back down the hill to me or she buries it, only to dig it up again.  This is the dog variety 'Canus Diggus'
My pets are relatively boring until the full moon.  This brings out the worst in Chubby, who likes to monster Keira.  He stalks the dog, runs off with her stuffed toys, chases her ball (no wonder she wants to bury it), and he makes wild demands like this to me.....

Does this cat have no shame, thinking  like this!!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little bit of this and that

I thought I would show my stitching progress for this year and for the end of last year. You will be shocked to see unmade Christmas ornaments for last year, but its all good, and when I am settled into a house again, I will make them up. This weekend I have moved back to my house with my DH. On Monday he travels up north to start work. He will also task himself with finding us a house. My job prospects are all sorted...thank goodness...and I will work in the same station as DH, getting trained up in various areas, so I can be a full time reliever. As I am already an employee, with the vetting work, the transition will be easier.

At the moment I am sorting through all my belongings in preparation to moving up north, and giving away a lot of excess household items to the Salvation Army, (we had almost 2 of everything while I was moved out) so that they can then pass them onto the homeless and possessionless people of Christchurch that have migrated over here after the earthquake.

So here are some photos to show of stitching.......

Just by seeing these, makes me want to get into my stitching...but there is always tomorrow :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The move is imminent

I kind of feel like this post will be in vain. I know I dont have stitching to show every 5 minutes of my life. And my life is stitching, but unfortunately real life steps in, and I cant get round to putting in a few stitches every night and posting photos.   I have a list of blogs I regulary read...I dont always comment because the broadband here is crap and for some reason seems to overload itself and wont let me comment...even though I try.

Grumble grumble...what I wanted to say was, after the last post, I have decided I am going to move up north. I need to work on my family. Maybe being in a city again I will have the opportunity to join Embroidery guilds etc...maybe even start a stitching group. I look forward to seeing some of the people who I have known through stiching and live close to the area where I am moving to. In all honesty I havent had or made the time to post...but please wait for me, I will get back on track. I am writing from the heart here.

Those that know me will know what I mean.........