Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Prodigal Daughter Returns....

Not that I have been anywhere....I just havent posted in a long time. A lot has been happening in my life and I just couldnt face blogging.
What has happened you are thinking...well I seperated from my was a last ditch effort to save 'us' as things werent working out too well (long time ongoing things ever since we had been in Greymouth). But we have been getting on as normal - just living in seperate houses - we only live about 11 ks away from each other. We spent Christmas and New Years together, and went to Dunedin for a holiday at the end of January.

We had the mining disaster in Greymouth where 29 miners and contractors were killed when the Pike River Mine exploded. That was devastating, as everyone knew someone, and there was so much hope that the men would be found alive, even though no one could get into the mine and there was no contact with anyone, then the mine exploded again.....

My DH went up to Police College and did the Senior Sergents course. Came back to Greymouth and applied for a couple of Snr Sgts jobs in the North Island and got one. He said that we would all go up there and make a new start. The job he got is in Lower Hutt which is in Wellington. He is due to go up next month, I will move back to our house (we are still apart), and then when he has found somewhere nice to live up there, my daughter and I will go up too.

Its a hard decision for me, because I love the South Island so much. But there will be more opportunities up there for everyone. I love my job here, but after being here a year, I am starting to see some of the down sides with the good - where people want everything yesterday, and there is no pleasing some people. Generally though it is an excellent place to work (I do love it) - but I have no where to go for promotion...I am the only one in my department :)

My daughter has started High School this year, which she is enjoying. We had planned to send her to boarding school, but I wouldn't be able to afford that. It would be hard to move her again, we have moved around quite a bit over the past 10 years. I know she doesnt want to move now, but may change her mind later.

I also would miss the places we have visited down here. But there are always holidays, and as we will be keeping our house here and renting it out, I am sure there will be opportunities to come back to the South Island to visit. We have been on the West Coast for 6 years - doesnt seem that long.

Because of all this my stitching has been almost non existant. With moving, and coping alone on not much money, and everything else that happened, my heart hasnt been in it. Gosh I am still working on Xmas ornaments for last year. I do have a few small projects on the go, so when I make some headway with those I will post some pictures.

All I can say is that I do truly believe this year will be much better than last :)

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Kath said...

I know where you are coming from on all fronts here Margaret.

I wish you well, are here if you want to chat, and well, the north island isnt too bad.