Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy birthday Keira

Yes my dog is 2 years old today. For her birthday she got a new dog bed for her kennel and a massive walk. She is a very energetic dog, and loves big walks. So we set out, I stopped off at the dog park where the Sunday morning dog walkers all congregate (its a community dog walk to raise funds for the new SPCA being built), Keira ran madly around with all her friends. Then we carried on over the flood wall (the great wall of Greymouth that protects the town from flooding), and Keira wanted to swim in the lagoon.

If you look carefully at this inspiring picture of the lagoon, you will see a face looking up...

Heres a closer photo....that really is a dog on a mission....

Getting an even better closeup ..... look at the happiness on her face :)

Keira finally had enough swimming and we walked across town and went up a steep hill road up to the power station and pylon road. Great views of the town from here, so I thought I would share some with you.

Here is a photo of the Greymouth bar...where the Grey River meets the Tasman Sea. This can be a trecherous area of water, that has claimed the lives of many seamen over the years. The town is in the foreground.

I enjoy photography and enter many competitions. One thing I really enjoy taking photos of are the fishing boats coming over the bar...especially in stormy weather. While Keira and I were up on the hill, I noticed the boats out by the bar. Its the end of the hoki season and moving into the blue cod season, so there are fishing boats regularly coming in and out. Today was more like an airport runway. The sea is calm today and with the fine sunny weather, it obviously makes for fantastic fishing opportunities. I wished I could be down at the tiphead to get the close up photos of todays boats, but had to be happy with zoomed in photos from where Keira and I were....

The tiphead is the area to the left of the photo....this is not far from my house. You can walk out there or drive. I love going out there on a really stormy day. A photographers paradise.

A very busy day today...but those fish must be brought in. Especially as the fleet are down one got into difficulty the other night in stormy weather, and tipped over and is now anchored in a bay until it can be salvaged :( The crew were all ok.

Well that was our walk...Keira enjoyed it so much...and when we got home, she was happy to retire to her kennel and snuggle into her new bed.


Rowyn said...

Happy birthday Keira! Looks like she loves a swim!

Great photos of Greymouth. A nice day down south by the looks of things too. Dull here, but we didn't get the wind and rain that was promised - so that was good.

Micki said...

I loved your photos and your dog is so cute!