Sunday, July 18, 2010

Proud to show off my daughters talent

Yes after a couple of years of semi interest and no interest at all, my daughter has really got into cross stitch. She has finished 2 designs just recently and started and completed one in a matter of days. She is putting me to shame, and as I watch her stitch with such dedication, it reminds me of how I once was.
Here is what she has produced.....

Here is a little kit I brought for my daughter during the summer holidays when we went camping. I made the fabric frame for her, and now it hangs proudly in her bedroom.

This is the first kit I brought my daughter, so it has been a WIP for a few years now. But it is finally finished. She hasnt decided how she wants this one made up yet. I know that she would like it in a wooden frame, but is is so hard to find nice little square frames.

I was so impressed by the interest to stitch the last couple of projects over the past month, that I let my daughter into the realms of my stash and showed her a few easy to stitch designs. She chose "I love my dog" by Brittercup Designs. She even chose the colours she wanted from my threads and I love the way it turned out. I asked if she wanted to stitch the other designs on the chart, but she screwed her face up and said they looked hard. By the way this one only took 4 days :) And again she isnt sure how she wants this one finished.

I am very proud of my daughter. She is doing a fantastic job.

As for my I am busy knitting a short sleeved swing cardi that I can wear over long sleeve t.shirts. I am knitting this out of a lovely mohair wool. Its warm and cosy to knit :)


Andie said...

Congratulations to your very clever daughter on her lovely Happy Dances! :D

MrsB said...

Congratulations to your daughter - some lovely finishes!

I've had reason to be proud of my two daughters this week, too, due to their stitching efforts :o)

Karen said...

Your daughter did an excellent job! Nice to see kids involved in things other than video games and tv. :)

Micki said...

Your daughter did a wonderful job!

FIONA said...

Clever daughter - clever mum! Great work!

Farm Girl said...

Your daughters stitching is beautiful!. I really love the teacup one, no wonder you are so proud!

PS It's lovely to see you back here too.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your daughter has done a wonderful job with her finishes, keep it up.