Monday, March 01, 2010

A wee bit of stitching to show

This is the start of the third week I have been at my new job and its great. Its not overly stressful, I seem to know what I am doing and everyone at work are really friendly. And it is interesting to be a staff member rather than a student. And the wages are certainly a bonus.
I have been eyeing up some patterns but I think I will be good and just stitch what I already have.

Here is my progress on Daisy lane Cottage by Little House Needleworks.

Shortly I am going to get off this computer and settle myself in front of the telly and stitch a bit more. I should have another progress photo in a couple of days.


Katrina said...

that's sooooo good i wish i could do that! by the way thanks for following me!

SY said...

You do such beautiful work!