Monday, February 08, 2010

Finally something to show

Yes, I have totally finished my 2009 Christmas ornaments. I had done all the stitching by mid January and it was just the making up of the ornaments that I was putting off. But yesterday I sat down and finished them. I feel happy I have done them all....just 4 of them too - I feel that my effort of last years stitching was pitiful.

Never mind its a new year and I am going to do better. So here are my ornaments.....

Variegated Christmas tree

Shepherds Watched - Shepherds Bush
JCS Ornaments 2002

Be Merry -Vals Stuff
JCS Ornaments 2009

Renne de Noel

Our camping holiday went well, very relaxing. From the time of that holiday everything has changed for the better. In a previous post I said I was feeling really unsettled, but I am happy to announce I have not one job but 2 at the Polytech where I did my study last year.

Before I went camping I applied for a job as a Printery Coordinator at the new print room starting up in the Polytech. The day before I went camping the Head of Department of the business and computing studies rang and asked if I would like to assist her on a casual basis. I said yes. Yay I thought, I have missed out on jobs applied for and now I was being rewarded for all my good work by being employed by the place I did my studies in - and also by the person that runs that department.

While I was camping I got a message to say I had an interview for the Printery Coordinator...things were looking even better. Got back from camping and started on my casual admin work and went for the interview. I worked most of last week helping the HOD of business and computing and the HOD of Service Industries (culinary arts, Health, Hospitality, Nanny courses, and Hairdressing course) get prepared for the start of the teaching year (all courses started today). During that time I found out I have the Printery job. Its great. That job will be 30 hours and the casual work will be another 5 - 10 hours over.

It makes me really happy because I enjoyed last year studying there and now I am working there. Its a great place and you couldn't find a better bunch of people to work with. I made lots of friends last year - students and tutors.

The majority of the work (the 30 hours) is during school hours, and because my daughter goes to the school right next door, she can come over and sit in the library or the large atrium and amuse herself while I finish off my work.

The Polytech sits on the grounds of the old Marist Brothers church and schools - the primary school St Patricks and the High School John Paul II, are still in their original spots. It was while I was studying last year that I made the move to get my daughter into this school and out of the one not far from my house (where she wasn't learning anything) - I used to watch the kids out of my classroom window. I now know I made the right decision, and made all the better by the fact that now my work and my daughters school (primary and next year High School) are next door to each other.

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Micki said...

Those ornaments are so lovely.The stitching is just wonderful!