Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Winner of a giveaway

Thought I would show you a fantastic set of ornaments I won in a giveaway on a blog I visit regularly. Little Miss Flossy is the owner of the blog, and she gives me lots of inspiration with her sewing ideas....she is a schol sewing teacher. (I will put a link to her blog when she has it up and running again)

These ornaments were made from a cross stitched tablecloth that was salvaged from a 2nd hand store. What a great way to reuse someones treasure from the past. I told Floss that the ornaments brought back great memories, because I remember my mother cross stitching tablecloths. And just as on the one made into ornaments, ma's stitches never went in the same direction. (When I startd cross stitch I couldn't work out why Ma's top leg of the stitches weren't consistant in different blocks of colours. She always said it was to give the design depth LOL.

So thanks again Floss, I love them.

Well tomorrow I head off down south with my daughter and we are going to Twizel to stay on one of the sheep stations I used to work on. It will be great to get away from the wet coast for a while. We will be gone for a week - and I am taking my stitching with me. So I may have something to show when I get back.


Micki said...

Those ornaments are just wonderful!

Karen said...

I love the ornaments you won. What a crafty way to recycle! Great idea!

Joanna said...

So we have more in common than you may think - we lived for about a year on a farm in a tiny town called Tarras near Lake Wanaka - OK so it's not Twizel but pretty darn close for someone who's on the other side of the world lol!! I've been all over that area - so beautiful. I still remember it all these years later.