Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fabric to show with a plan

Well after my earlier post of saying I had no photos, well it is correct in the fact I have no stitching photos at the moment. However I thought I would show you some quilting fabrics I have brought. Two lots are for actual projects and the other is for use in the future.First up is a quilt pattern I want to do this year....full of New Zealand flowers and insects. And it is great because I can add my own embroidery for the finer details.

Here is some of the fabrics I have chosen for this project so far.....

Next lot of fabric shown is for a cat wall hanging I want to do for my daughter. Its the Janet Davies design called Pinky Cat. I may change the pink, my daughter isn't too keen on pink, so I am thinking paurple at this stage or even blue. But these are the fabrics I have thought about so far.

And lastly here are some other fat quarters I brought, for use with stitching projects, quilting or other crafts

So there you have it...maybe not cross stitch related...but its crafty and its a plan for this year.

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Joanna said...

I love that pattern - it's so wonderfully NZ! I have high hopes of making a NZ themed quilt this year. Can't wait to see yours!