Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stitching to share

I have been setting aside some time most nights to do a bit of stitching, and it really is making a difference. I am not a constant stitcher as you might all have come to realise.

I received a nice parcel from my favourite ONS the other day, which included the latest JCS Ornament issue, the last 2 JCS Halloween Ornament issues (2010 & 2009) and the 2010 Christmas preview issue and some lovely patterns I can not wait to stitch. I am actually looking forward to being able to sit down and put in a couple of stitches on a regular basis. I am taking this one step at a time, but I think I may become the avid stitcher I once was.

So far this is where I am at with my stitching....

My first ornament - stitching complete - still has to be made up

Feel the Magic - Midsummer Night Designs
JCS Ornaments 2008
I love the greens and purples of this design, so I am glad my daughter chose this ornament for me to stitch. Makes a change from the usual reds and greens.
Here is the next one I am working on.......

Wisemen Came - Shepherds Bush
JCS Ornaments 2003

I have been doing the set for myself every year....I still have 4 to go, I might take a break next year and stitch something different for myself.

And here is an update on my general stitching WIP....

Daisy Lane Cottage - Little House Needleworks

Right now, I am off to check out some of the blogs I enjoy reading and go and put in tonights few stitches :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Knitting finished and now onto stitching

I thought I would show you the mohair cardigan I have just finished knitting. It was a lovely easy pattern to knit. I just love the purple - green colours. Sadly though, I am going to sell it because after trying it on, I would of been better off knitting it in a bigger size.

With the knitting all complete, I can concentrate on getting back into my stitching. I have been having a few big spendy splurges overseas to rekindle my interest. I think it has worked :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy birthday Keira

Yes my dog is 2 years old today. For her birthday she got a new dog bed for her kennel and a massive walk. She is a very energetic dog, and loves big walks. So we set out, I stopped off at the dog park where the Sunday morning dog walkers all congregate (its a community dog walk to raise funds for the new SPCA being built), Keira ran madly around with all her friends. Then we carried on over the flood wall (the great wall of Greymouth that protects the town from flooding), and Keira wanted to swim in the lagoon.

If you look carefully at this inspiring picture of the lagoon, you will see a face looking up...

Heres a closer photo....that really is a dog on a mission....

Getting an even better closeup ..... look at the happiness on her face :)

Keira finally had enough swimming and we walked across town and went up a steep hill road up to the power station and pylon road. Great views of the town from here, so I thought I would share some with you.

Here is a photo of the Greymouth bar...where the Grey River meets the Tasman Sea. This can be a trecherous area of water, that has claimed the lives of many seamen over the years. The town is in the foreground.

I enjoy photography and enter many competitions. One thing I really enjoy taking photos of are the fishing boats coming over the bar...especially in stormy weather. While Keira and I were up on the hill, I noticed the boats out by the bar. Its the end of the hoki season and moving into the blue cod season, so there are fishing boats regularly coming in and out. Today was more like an airport runway. The sea is calm today and with the fine sunny weather, it obviously makes for fantastic fishing opportunities. I wished I could be down at the tiphead to get the close up photos of todays boats, but had to be happy with zoomed in photos from where Keira and I were....

The tiphead is the area to the left of the photo....this is not far from my house. You can walk out there or drive. I love going out there on a really stormy day. A photographers paradise.

A very busy day today...but those fish must be brought in. Especially as the fleet are down one got into difficulty the other night in stormy weather, and tipped over and is now anchored in a bay until it can be salvaged :( The crew were all ok.

Well that was our walk...Keira enjoyed it so much...and when we got home, she was happy to retire to her kennel and snuggle into her new bed.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New member of the family

As you know I help out at the SPCA doing data entry of all the cat dog and other animal surrenders and adoptions. I know what comes in and what goes out. Having spent the whole of the summer tempted by all the gorgeous kittens, I decided that I wanted to add another cat/kitten to the family. Kittens are cute and here in Greymouth always find homes. Down in the boarding cages I noticed one male cat was always there and he had the sweetest nature. I kept thinking I dont want a older cat. But he had been there a month and to be honest time was running out. He had been abandoned at a house when his owners moved away. I decided I would have him. And what a loving friendly guy he is. He is a little he is on a diet.

Here he is....I have named him Chubby :) He is a lovely cameo tabby. His hobbies are eating and sleeping and he is 5 years old.

At first my dog Keira was jealous....shes a baby...who, if I don't get round to taking her for a walk - which is rarely, wont eat her dinner.

So now I am the proud owner of a funny rotund looking cat and a funny looking dog with wonky ears.

On the stitching front I have done a tiny amount of an ornament and my current project...I will post some pictures soon. I am just trying to get my cardigan finished. Will give an update when I have a decent photo to show.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Proud to show off my daughters talent

Yes after a couple of years of semi interest and no interest at all, my daughter has really got into cross stitch. She has finished 2 designs just recently and started and completed one in a matter of days. She is putting me to shame, and as I watch her stitch with such dedication, it reminds me of how I once was.
Here is what she has produced.....

Here is a little kit I brought for my daughter during the summer holidays when we went camping. I made the fabric frame for her, and now it hangs proudly in her bedroom.

This is the first kit I brought my daughter, so it has been a WIP for a few years now. But it is finally finished. She hasnt decided how she wants this one made up yet. I know that she would like it in a wooden frame, but is is so hard to find nice little square frames.

I was so impressed by the interest to stitch the last couple of projects over the past month, that I let my daughter into the realms of my stash and showed her a few easy to stitch designs. She chose "I love my dog" by Brittercup Designs. She even chose the colours she wanted from my threads and I love the way it turned out. I asked if she wanted to stitch the other designs on the chart, but she screwed her face up and said they looked hard. By the way this one only took 4 days :) And again she isnt sure how she wants this one finished.

I am very proud of my daughter. She is doing a fantastic job.

As for my I am busy knitting a short sleeved swing cardi that I can wear over long sleeve t.shirts. I am knitting this out of a lovely mohair wool. Its warm and cosy to knit :)

Monday, March 01, 2010

A wee bit of stitching to show

This is the start of the third week I have been at my new job and its great. Its not overly stressful, I seem to know what I am doing and everyone at work are really friendly. And it is interesting to be a staff member rather than a student. And the wages are certainly a bonus.
I have been eyeing up some patterns but I think I will be good and just stitch what I already have.

Here is my progress on Daisy lane Cottage by Little House Needleworks.

Shortly I am going to get off this computer and settle myself in front of the telly and stitch a bit more. I should have another progress photo in a couple of days.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Im a winner again

At the end of last year I won 3 patterns from NZ needlework and quilting designer Janet Davies, just by visiting her blog and leaving a comment. Well I have won another 3 patterns - one pattern for getting my name picked out from all the comments left in the weeks draw, one because the weeks before winner didnt contact Janet and a third because I have a link to Janets competitions in the side bar of this blog.

The 3 I picked this time are all quilting patterns :
Kowhai Sunset, Unbridled Seahorse, and Kiwi Summer.

Its well worth a visit and enter the weeks draw. I have won 6 patterns in 2 draws so that is pretty good odds.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Finally something to show

Yes, I have totally finished my 2009 Christmas ornaments. I had done all the stitching by mid January and it was just the making up of the ornaments that I was putting off. But yesterday I sat down and finished them. I feel happy I have done them all....just 4 of them too - I feel that my effort of last years stitching was pitiful.

Never mind its a new year and I am going to do better. So here are my ornaments.....

Variegated Christmas tree

Shepherds Watched - Shepherds Bush
JCS Ornaments 2002

Be Merry -Vals Stuff
JCS Ornaments 2009

Renne de Noel

Our camping holiday went well, very relaxing. From the time of that holiday everything has changed for the better. In a previous post I said I was feeling really unsettled, but I am happy to announce I have not one job but 2 at the Polytech where I did my study last year.

Before I went camping I applied for a job as a Printery Coordinator at the new print room starting up in the Polytech. The day before I went camping the Head of Department of the business and computing studies rang and asked if I would like to assist her on a casual basis. I said yes. Yay I thought, I have missed out on jobs applied for and now I was being rewarded for all my good work by being employed by the place I did my studies in - and also by the person that runs that department.

While I was camping I got a message to say I had an interview for the Printery Coordinator...things were looking even better. Got back from camping and started on my casual admin work and went for the interview. I worked most of last week helping the HOD of business and computing and the HOD of Service Industries (culinary arts, Health, Hospitality, Nanny courses, and Hairdressing course) get prepared for the start of the teaching year (all courses started today). During that time I found out I have the Printery job. Its great. That job will be 30 hours and the casual work will be another 5 - 10 hours over.

It makes me really happy because I enjoyed last year studying there and now I am working there. Its a great place and you couldn't find a better bunch of people to work with. I made lots of friends last year - students and tutors.

The majority of the work (the 30 hours) is during school hours, and because my daughter goes to the school right next door, she can come over and sit in the library or the large atrium and amuse herself while I finish off my work.

The Polytech sits on the grounds of the old Marist Brothers church and schools - the primary school St Patricks and the High School John Paul II, are still in their original spots. It was while I was studying last year that I made the move to get my daughter into this school and out of the one not far from my house (where she wasn't learning anything) - I used to watch the kids out of my classroom window. I now know I made the right decision, and made all the better by the fact that now my work and my daughters school (primary and next year High School) are next door to each other.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A giveaway worth checking out

Just a quick post to let you know of a giveaway. This one is a goody with Little House Needlework patterns, needles, a book and a threadholder. You can find the giveaway at Calico Prairie.

Also I have almost finished my last Christmas ornament for last year :) Going camping on Thursday, so not sure when I will get the ornaments all sewn up. But it shouldn't be too long before I have photos to show.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Home from holiday

And what a great one it was. The high altitude and country air did wonders for me. I caught up with friends, took lots of photos and just relaxed. It was kind of strange coming back to the coast. One of the big things I notcied was I couldn't sleep last night, even though I was in my own bed. I had perfect nights sleep down must be that altitude thing again.

I think my problem is I feel really unsettled living here...I love it down south...I could go on about it always. My DH has no intention of moving, so it looks like we are here for the long haul. Maybe I will feel better once I have a job. Even my daughter, who remembered a few of the places and people down there, said she loved it too. The biggest problem with the place when we lived down there was the remoteness, and having to travel 1.5 - 2 hours to get to a large town was draining.

I have to admit it was nice to take my dog for a walk along the beach last night :)

While I was away I did a bit of stitching, and I brought myself another quilting pattern. This one is called Briar Rose Cottage designed by Desiree Simpson (the same designer as the Natural Beauties Quilt pattern I brought. I love it and it reminds me of a house I love in Central Otago.

I am quite excited about starting these quilts as well as all the stitching I am going to do this year.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Winner of a giveaway

Thought I would show you a fantastic set of ornaments I won in a giveaway on a blog I visit regularly. Little Miss Flossy is the owner of the blog, and she gives me lots of inspiration with her sewing ideas....she is a schol sewing teacher. (I will put a link to her blog when she has it up and running again)

These ornaments were made from a cross stitched tablecloth that was salvaged from a 2nd hand store. What a great way to reuse someones treasure from the past. I told Floss that the ornaments brought back great memories, because I remember my mother cross stitching tablecloths. And just as on the one made into ornaments, ma's stitches never went in the same direction. (When I startd cross stitch I couldn't work out why Ma's top leg of the stitches weren't consistant in different blocks of colours. She always said it was to give the design depth LOL.

So thanks again Floss, I love them.

Well tomorrow I head off down south with my daughter and we are going to Twizel to stay on one of the sheep stations I used to work on. It will be great to get away from the wet coast for a while. We will be gone for a week - and I am taking my stitching with me. So I may have something to show when I get back.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fabric to show with a plan

Well after my earlier post of saying I had no photos, well it is correct in the fact I have no stitching photos at the moment. However I thought I would show you some quilting fabrics I have brought. Two lots are for actual projects and the other is for use in the future.First up is a quilt pattern I want to do this year....full of New Zealand flowers and insects. And it is great because I can add my own embroidery for the finer details.

Here is some of the fabrics I have chosen for this project so far.....

Next lot of fabric shown is for a cat wall hanging I want to do for my daughter. Its the Janet Davies design called Pinky Cat. I may change the pink, my daughter isn't too keen on pink, so I am thinking paurple at this stage or even blue. But these are the fabrics I have thought about so far.

And lastly here are some other fat quarters I brought, for use with stitching projects, quilting or other crafts

So there you have it...maybe not cross stitch related...but its crafty and its a plan for this year.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year celebration.

I have no pictures to show of finished stitching today, I am just finishing up my Christmas ornaments which is shameful I know. No excuses for the lack of stitching in 2009 other than being busy with my studies, my job and general homelife.

The beginning of each year is the same for me....I say I am going to do more stitching, and it never happens. Well this year I made a personal resolution to my friend Anne. I have said that if she doesnt notice me doing a reasonable amount of stitching she is to verbally kick me in the butt. Now I know that it is a lot to put on Anne, and I know she wouldn't kick me in the butt, but I have have made a personal pledge to her, and she is so generous to me, so I will uphold the pledge :)

So that will mean regular blogging....which means going on the computer of course....and this is just after saying to Anne that the internet was the death of my stitching. Except for building up my stash and meeting online stitching friends of course.

I haven't really any other goals for the year other than sorting out what study I will do this year - a diploma in the environment and sustainability is looking good at the moment, and finding another part time job to fit in with the job I already have.

At the end of this week, I am going away with my daughter down to Twizel (where we lived for a while), for a weeks break (DH is working), and then when we come back we are going camping...I hope the rain has stopped by then.

So keep your eyes peeled for entries on my blog throughout the coming year.