Monday, December 07, 2009

Latest Happenings

Well I graduated last Friday, and that marked the end of a year of fun and hard work. I even got up and said a speech on behalf of my class - that was pretty nerve racking.

Then the next day was the Christmas Parade. I have started going to the local SPCA with my daughter to help with the animals on a Saturday morning. So after I had cleaned out all the kitten areas, I helped decorate the SPCA ambulance. It looked like a bit of a hoon van all in black coming along the road, but up close the people coud see the silver stars and "SPCA" we stuck on the sides, and the large infltable santa we tied on the back.

I was also in the parade with my dog - she had reindeer antlers attached to her collar. She was surprisingly well behaved. All in all a great day.

So now with all the free time - no luck with any jobs, I am helping with administration work at the SPCA, getting rid of the weeds in my garden and stitching - yippee!!!!


Paige said...

Hope you the best. Have you applied for a local pet shop before you go to the SPCA?

Paula said...

congratulations on graduating and on getting thru the speech! I loathe public speaking.

Hillery said...

Hello, thank you for your comments. I have checked out your blog. I love the bent creek patterns. It's time for me to do some smalls.
I have become a follower.
Happy Stitching, can't wait to see more.