Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something else I forgot to add......

You know how I have the 'Weekend Winner' icon in my sidebar - well that relates to Janet Davies blog, where you can enter into weekly draws to win your choice of one of the gorgeous embroidery or quilting designs that she creates.

Well, guess what, I was a winner, and I didn't win one design, or two designs, but three of them. This is because the winner from the previous week didn't contact Janet to claim her prize, and because I had Janets icon in the side bar, I won an extra design. I was excited and couldn't decide on what to choose. But I did make a choice in the end.

You can go here to see what designs I chose....they were:
1. Liam's Owl in Schwalm Needlework.
2. Neptune's Steed in Counted Thread Blackwork.
3. 3D Sculpted and Quilted Pussy Cat.

Thank you Janet for the opportunity to enter the draw.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A lovely surprise

Got home from Polytech and here is a parcel from Anne . All excited about opening it, and once I did I found the most gorgeous coloured bead scissor fob and 4 hand dyed threads. I love the colours of the threads. As I just said in an email to Anne, no one can go wrong when they send me hand dyed threads because I love them all...any colour :) There are 2 Vicky Clayton threads, one Carries Creation and one Crescent Colours. Beautiful.

I love the colours of the beads on the scissor fob...blues and greens. Thank you once again Anne, its a lovely gift.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Just a quick hello

Nothing to show on the stitching front, but just wanted to put something on my blog to show I am still around. I have finished a couple of ornaments for Christmas, but will wait till I have made them up before I show them on my blog.

Still very busy with my tech course, only 7 weeks left than it is all over. I have been doing so well with this course...I surprised myself. I have a bit of study to do before I am finished, and then I will have all the stitching time I can manage again. I have been buying lots of lovely charts to stitch up. and I can't wait.

Hope everyone else is good out in blogging land. Still visit everyones blogs when I see there are update on the feed updater.