Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Op shops and fabric art dolls

You can get some really good bargains in the op shops....sometimes you just happen to get there and nab a real good buy....casts off's from people who like to keep up with each seasons new fashions and just discard the old.

Anyhow I went in this morning to one of the 4 chirch op shops in town and it was $3 bag wednesday. Stuff as much in a bag for $3. Even if I don't get wearable clothes, sometimes I find the most magnificent fabrics to make stuff with.

While going up to the counter I spied this gorgeous thing....and got her for $3. I love the colours and I have often thought about creating a doll like this. But I am going to keep her in hiding till November and give her to my daughter for her birthday...she will love her :)

If anyone knows where she could have originated from - i.e. have you seen a pattern or somewhere that sells these could you let me know. She is very professionally done.

I also adjusted the photos I put up last night of Keira...she looks more normal now...she was looking a little elongated - sometimes it is hard to adjust the photos correctly.


CindyMae said...

We don't have those days around here very often of filling a bag for a low price, but when they do, I am so there!!! Great find!

Von said...

I wish I could help you identify your wonderful op find. :( But wow! She's going to make your daughter very happy.

Micki said...

That doll is wonderful! Your daughter will love it! I wish we had a place like that to buy dolls.

Joanna said...

You are going to LOVE me! I know who designed this doll - her name is Jane Coughlan and you can find the pattern here..

near the bottom of the page. It's called Jester.

The reason I know about this is I was Jane's Go-fer at the NZ Quilting Symposium back in 97. I got to sit in one of her classes which was all about drawing faces on the dolls and I can still do it to this day - it was the best class! And I actually bought this pattern and somewhere still have all the pieces made and stuffed, just not sewn together.

I can't believe you bought that thing for 3 dollars - that is a BARGAIN!!! Especially when you realise how much work goes into making it!!

StitchCat said...

Lol thanks Joanna...I had a look at the website and I think I like the fabrics used for this one more than the one on the pattern.