Sunday, April 19, 2009

An old finish

I have just got it back from the was away for ages. The framer had to wait for the frame and then there was another hold up, then I told my framer to hold on to the picture till I had enough money to pay for the framing. Also I held onto it for ages before getting around to having it framed.

But here it is....the picture I designed to commemorate my DH 14 years in the New Zealand Police. You will see that the year stops at 2006 and also at Reefton, but since then weve moved and hes got a promotion.

There is always a length of service award at 14 years, so I decided to stitch this. Wasnt too daunting a challenge...quite nice to do all backstitch for a change. And I added a real hat badge to make it look a bit more official.

I have blotted out DHs name and ID number :)

And I was thrilled to find I was the winner in a lucky draw from Rowyn on a beautiful chart she has just completed. My Sunshine by La-D-Da. This would make a lovely picture for my daughter.


SY said...

This is beautiful! I'm sure your hubby was well pleased. love, sy

Rowyn said...

That's gorgeous Margaret, and a lovely keepsake for your husband. Ronnie was in the police in Northern Ireland for a few years, sometimes he talks of joining the NZ Police - but I think he has enough on his plate with his carpet shop! :-)

Please don't forget to send me your address. I know you moved house last year, so the address I have for you is out of date. Thanks :-)

CindyMae said...

That is gorgeous! The framing looks wonderful and it looks like it was worth the wait!