Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back Again!

Not that I ever went LOL...but it seems so long since I posted - well it is.

It is the school holidays and I have time now to breathe - I bet not many mothers can say that during the holidays, but I honestly can. My first term of business Admin studies at Polytech went wonderfully, but man was it full on. It seemed like we had assessments every week, and I think we did. But it is great to get the old grey matter working again.

I am loving the computer side of things and am contemplating becoming a professional student and doing ICT next year.

I have just changed my daughters school to a private one that is just next door to where I am at Polytech so that makes things easier as far as times for starting and finishing...now I dont have to rush home when I finish at 3pm, because we can go home together. The main reason I pulled her out of the school just down the road from our house is that I felt she went down hill since leaving Reefton. That school was not far from our house but closer is not always better.

I have acquired a new member of the family. Yes I have got a puppy...well she was 7 months when I got her a month ago. I have named her Keira and her father is a German Shepherd and her mother is a malamute. She wont grow to be very big and she is quite fine in features...almost as though she has a terrier like a jack russell in there as well.

I went to the local dog show and saw the kennel owners that used to look after Zoe. I told them about her, and they said they were looking after a puppy that needed a new home. Well this puppy was at the dog show and she ended up winning best puppy and best overall dog. When I saw her, I thought she was nice but not a labrador like Zoe.

A week later I had her at home and she has been with us ever since. Its hard because I didnt want to get another dog so soon. I still miss Zoe terribly, and I am slowly taking a shine to Keira...she has a great little personality and is quite easy to train, despite the backyard looking like a battleground with all her toys strewn around, digging holes in the garden and chasing the cats - this is where I think the terrier comes in. Overall she is getting better and has stopped chasing the cats. She does however go berserk when a seagull flies over the property or if she sees one on the beach. And the seagulls know this I am sure, because they sit up on the street lights and cackle (or whatever seagulls do) at her.

So here are some pictures of Keira........


CindyMae said...

First of all I gotta say that Keira is just gorgeous!!!! I hope that the new school works out better! I am glad that you are getting a break as well.

Andie said...

So glad your enjoying being back at school :D Keira looks like lots of fun :D