Sunday, April 19, 2009

An old finish

I have just got it back from the was away for ages. The framer had to wait for the frame and then there was another hold up, then I told my framer to hold on to the picture till I had enough money to pay for the framing. Also I held onto it for ages before getting around to having it framed.

But here it is....the picture I designed to commemorate my DH 14 years in the New Zealand Police. You will see that the year stops at 2006 and also at Reefton, but since then weve moved and hes got a promotion.

There is always a length of service award at 14 years, so I decided to stitch this. Wasnt too daunting a challenge...quite nice to do all backstitch for a change. And I added a real hat badge to make it look a bit more official.

I have blotted out DHs name and ID number :)

And I was thrilled to find I was the winner in a lucky draw from Rowyn on a beautiful chart she has just completed. My Sunshine by La-D-Da. This would make a lovely picture for my daughter.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Op shops and fabric art dolls

You can get some really good bargains in the op shops....sometimes you just happen to get there and nab a real good buy....casts off's from people who like to keep up with each seasons new fashions and just discard the old.

Anyhow I went in this morning to one of the 4 chirch op shops in town and it was $3 bag wednesday. Stuff as much in a bag for $3. Even if I don't get wearable clothes, sometimes I find the most magnificent fabrics to make stuff with.

While going up to the counter I spied this gorgeous thing....and got her for $3. I love the colours and I have often thought about creating a doll like this. But I am going to keep her in hiding till November and give her to my daughter for her birthday...she will love her :)

If anyone knows where she could have originated from - i.e. have you seen a pattern or somewhere that sells these could you let me know. She is very professionally done.

I also adjusted the photos I put up last night of Keira...she looks more normal now...she was looking a little elongated - sometimes it is hard to adjust the photos correctly.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back Again!

Not that I ever went LOL...but it seems so long since I posted - well it is.

It is the school holidays and I have time now to breathe - I bet not many mothers can say that during the holidays, but I honestly can. My first term of business Admin studies at Polytech went wonderfully, but man was it full on. It seemed like we had assessments every week, and I think we did. But it is great to get the old grey matter working again.

I am loving the computer side of things and am contemplating becoming a professional student and doing ICT next year.

I have just changed my daughters school to a private one that is just next door to where I am at Polytech so that makes things easier as far as times for starting and I dont have to rush home when I finish at 3pm, because we can go home together. The main reason I pulled her out of the school just down the road from our house is that I felt she went down hill since leaving Reefton. That school was not far from our house but closer is not always better.

I have acquired a new member of the family. Yes I have got a puppy...well she was 7 months when I got her a month ago. I have named her Keira and her father is a German Shepherd and her mother is a malamute. She wont grow to be very big and she is quite fine in features...almost as though she has a terrier like a jack russell in there as well.

I went to the local dog show and saw the kennel owners that used to look after Zoe. I told them about her, and they said they were looking after a puppy that needed a new home. Well this puppy was at the dog show and she ended up winning best puppy and best overall dog. When I saw her, I thought she was nice but not a labrador like Zoe.

A week later I had her at home and she has been with us ever since. Its hard because I didnt want to get another dog so soon. I still miss Zoe terribly, and I am slowly taking a shine to Keira...she has a great little personality and is quite easy to train, despite the backyard looking like a battleground with all her toys strewn around, digging holes in the garden and chasing the cats - this is where I think the terrier comes in. Overall she is getting better and has stopped chasing the cats. She does however go berserk when a seagull flies over the property or if she sees one on the beach. And the seagulls know this I am sure, because they sit up on the street lights and cackle (or whatever seagulls do) at her.

So here are some pictures of Keira........